Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Reasonable Doubts' by Evie Adams

"If f----g was an Olympic Sport, I'd have more gold than Michael Phelps."

Attorney Jacob Hughes has a perfect life winning mult-imillion dollar cases by day and seducing the most beautiful women in the city by night.

Everything is perfect until he has to work on a case with Laura Miller and the two worst things that can happen to a man happen to him.


She walked around the office like a Christmas present, beautifully wrapped, tantalizing, full of promises that all your deepest wishes will come true. That all you ever wanted was inside.

But the bow was too tight; the wrapping too difficult to open; the perfect present wrapped in duct tape and zip ties is no gift at all.
But you still have to try right?


I know Jacob Hughes.
I know him from his socks to his haircut.
His big d---- swagger and f--- me eyes.
I know every delicious inch.
I know he needs my help, and I know he won't like it.

Reasonable Doubts is a sexy standalone Contemporary Romance with a HEA, and a long, hard road to get there.

For a limited time it includes MARCUS : A Mafia Bad Boy Romance.


About the author:

Romance junkie, day dreamer, slow typer. I root for a good story, always.

I try to write seductive, sex-positive stories. My heroes are always beautiful, troubled alphas and my endings are always happy.

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