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FREE for a limited time! The Alpha Warlocks' Claim by Auriella Skye

The Alpha Warlocks' Claim

Cancel your plans, witches and warlocks! You're invited to tonight's Firewick Festival. 

Taking multiple lovers is a family tradition. Hell, it's a witch tradition, but Charice Brixton isn't having it. She doesn't have time for a man, let alone two powerful warlocks. She's perfectly fine running her magic shop in Kala West, Florida with her sisters.

Until she's forced to attend the Firewick Festival, a biannual gathering with stuffy board members overseeing the match of witches and warlocks in hopes of creating the perfect triad. Magical speed dating at its finest. Charice would rather have a root canal. She's willing to use her powers to keep from going, even if it means the wrath of those in charge. That is until two hotter-than-hell men walk into her shop and alter her plans.

As powerful warlock enforcers, Kye and Warren carry out the laws within the magical community. It only makes sense for them to find a mate equally as strong. When they meet Charice, her magic calls to them. Only she can help complete their Mystical Triad, the binding ritual that increases all of their magic abilities. One that involves a lot of power and a lot of sex. Can the Alpha Warlocks convince her they're better as a threesome in both power and love?

This 13,000+ word story is the first of the Alpha Warlocks of Kala West interlinked series but can be read as standalone. It has strong sexual situations and explicit content. Mature and brave readers only.

Excerpt of The Alpha Warlocks’ Claim
This transportation thing was getting dizzying. Saying the words had taken Charice further down the beach and away from the party. Thank the goddess for that.
The only light around came from the moon that drenched her. It wasn’t full, but strong light flowed down from it.
“I shouldn’t have doubted you,” someone said behind her.
She recognized his voice immediately. Her body relaxed at the thought of being so near him. She could sense his power along with another. She turned to face the men who were her warlocks. Across from her stood both Kye and Warren. Her warlocks. The more she thought it, the more natural it sounded.
If she thought they were sexy before, she was mistaken.
Moonlight made them primal, and their power radiated off of them in bursts. Warren’s shirt hung open to reveal perfect abs, toned muscles, and skin that begged to be touched. His hair hung around his face, and she thought about it dropping over her as he bent down to kiss her and claimed her mouth.
Kye was just as dreamy with his shirt completely gone. He was nothing but muscle and hotness.  
Her mind drifted to her licking that chest and roaming over his nipples to test his sensitivity with her lips.
Charice closed her eyes to regain focus. “What did you say?”
“I shouldn’t have doubted you,” Kye said. He slowly made his way toward her as he spoke. “Warren knew. He could tell just by looking at you, touching you.” 
He was so close that his body hovered over her and his mouth so near that she could feel his breath. He smelled like the heated Gulf.
Charice stared up at him in awe. An overwhelming need to have him kiss her swept over her like the waves crashing nearby.
“And now?” she asked.
Kye’s hand cupped her chin and forced her to stare in those deep blue eyes. “Now, I know you’re ours. Forever.” He wasted no time before claiming her mouth. 
After the initial surprise passed, Charice’s body molded to his. The feel of him emitted power and sex. Kye’s magic spread from his lips and danced over her skin. His tongue taunted hers and picked up a rhythm that commanded she follow. Her hands dug into his arms to hold her body steady. He felt right and all hers.
She could feel their magic testing each other, attempting to merge together to make something mighty and new.
But shouldn’t she be fighting this? 
Someone came from behind her and nuzzled her neck. She didn’t have to turn to know it was Warren. His power joined with theirs, hovering around their melded bodies. Her pussy ached from the sensation and would have knocked her down if it wasn’t for the two powerful men supporting her. These two men trapping her between them. Their aura radiated off them and into her. They were strangers, and already she was ready to roll around naked with them. Among other things.

About Auriella Skye

Auriella Skye dreams of becoming a powerful goddess and creating a whole pantheon of gods to do her naughty bidding. Until then, she happily spends her time weaving those fantasies into the erotic and fun tales that she enjoys reading as much as writing. She loves creating characters and worlds filled with the wonderful stuff reality lacks. Auriella resides in Central Florida and spends her days and nights surrounded by words in their various, spectacular forms.

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