Monday, May 16, 2016

The Portal (An Afterlife Novella) by Isabel Brann

The Portal

He’d always been her nemesis… 

Quiet, solemn Amelia Mason never expected or wanted to become the Portal. But with her older brother’s death, she no longer has an option. Branded by Fate, the Portal is the human bridge between this world and the next. Her duty? To help lingering spirits cross to the afterlife. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her new job comes with a Guardian: Kyle Grant, the one man she can’t stand and the one who will stop at nothing to protect her.

… or so she’d always thought.

In order to defeat an evil spirit hunting the flatlands of Venezuela, Kyle and Amelia are going to have to put their dislike aside and work together as Portal and Guardian should. That is, if they can control the sizzling sexual tension between them.

Will they surrender to desire before it’s too late? Or will the madness of a long-dead man tear them apart forever?

Can the heat of passion burn brighter than the fear of loss?

Includes an excerpt from the first book in the Therian series.

Read an excerpt:
Tilting his head, he deepened the kiss and she trembled in his arms, releasing a low moan. He growled at the needy sound, the beast inside him awakening again. He wanted to lay her on the grass, spread her legs wide and lick his way to… 
“AH!” She broke the kiss jumping to wrap her legs around his waist with a terrified scream. Her arms squeezed his neck as she yelled again, right in his ear this time.

“What the hell, Amelia?” he asked, his voice husky and a little breathless.

“Something… something touched my leg! Something huge!”

He went from annoyed to Guardian in two seconds flat. Stepping back toward the tree to cover their backs with her still in his arms, he looked around protectively, his body taut and ready to spring to action.

When he saw the culprit, however, he relaxed, a chuckle leaving his lips, “You’re right, Princess. That thing is very scary.” His hands squeezed her ass and she lifted her head from where she had buried it in his neck to glare at him.

“Stop squeezing my butt, this is not the right time. There’s a beast out there wanting to eat me.”
He laughed, resting against the tree. She had an obsession with creatures wanting to devour her, but to be honest, the only being around that wanted to eat her, was him. “Don’t move, Princess. He’ll smell your fear.” 
Narrowing her eyes at the mirth in his tone, she turned her head as much as she could to warily look behind her. He studied the creature too, grinning at how funny-looking it was. It was bigger than a pig and looked like the love child of a rat and a beaver. It also seemed to be grinning at them. See? He could get one of those as a pet and be just fine, but a Chihuahua? Shudder. 
When she realized she wasn’t in any true danger, she groaned. Kyle could almost taste her embarrassment.

“You can, uh, put me down,” she mumbled.

“I like you right where you are.” 
Apparently, she was not all that unhappy herself because she didn’t argue but instead asked, “What is that thing?” 
“A capybara. Haven’t you ever seen one? I watched a National Geographic documentary on YouTube about anacondas in Venezuela. The suckers are huge and eat our little rodent friend here. They can’t consume it by pieces so after cutting their air supply, they dislodge their jaws to swallow the whole capybara. It’s really cool.” 
“That was way too graphic and did little to reassure me, Kyle,” she said, looking around with concern, probably trying to find an anaconda intent on murdering them.

“I wasn’t trying to. You should be scared. Very scared. In fact, squeeze those legs tighter around me. For… protection, you know?” 
She snorted, resting her cheek on his shoulder, “And you’re going to protect me how? Your dick seems big enough where I am feeling it.” She rubbed herself a little on it, and he let out a sharp gust of breath. “But not big enough to beat an anaconda to death.” 
He laughed, nuzzling her ear with contentment. “Nonbeliever.”

About Isabel Brann

Isabel is a Venezuelan author who writes steamy, warm, funny paranormal romance. Ghosts, shifters, mythological creatures? That's her jam!

When she was three year old, she wrote and amazed (she likes to think so anyway) her grandparents with a fairy tale about mice (of all things!) and that started it all. Since then she became a voracious reader and majored in Classical languages and literature. She hates mosquitoes almost as fiercely as she hates lettuce. She loves Broadway plays (The Phantom is her favorite), chocolate (in all its forms), Epic movies (Gerard Butler in Spartan warrior clothes), Greek mythology, Henry the Gato, and hearing from readers so feel free to contact her.

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