Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crimson Howl by Gloria Sanford

Crimson Howl

Daniel Brennan is dead in the woods… Again.

He is dead and Morgan doesn’t have to hide any more. Brennan isn’t going to send anyone after him now. Morgan has been in hiding so long, shying away from humans or anyone who could recognize a shadow creature on sight.

He emerges to find out the police want to know what happened to Brennan and what he had to do with it. He is reluctantly forced to join forces with the dark handsome Detective Camden, who just happens to be a new werewolf.

Together they discover that there is an anonymous organization working to eradicate all supernatural creatures.

Now they must fight this evil, the witchy full moon and the strong sexual attraction between them to find and distribute the antidote before it’s too late.

Author’s note: 18+ Only. This gay paranormal romance contains explicit and suggestive sex scenes. M/M
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About Gloria Sanford

Written by Gloria Sanford, a new romance author. Gloria has always loved reading all kinds of sci-fi, paranormal and supernatural romances. Loving the out of the ordinary it was an easy fit to start writing in her favorite genres. With an attention to detail second to none, she is able to put you right there in the story with her dynamic characters. She has already written 6 books with more on the way.

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