Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prime Instinct by Gloria Sanford

Prime Instinct

“It’s a girl,” Nadine said quietly, shifting the infant around in her arms. “We found her at our packseat this morning.”

Theo’s fingers flexed helplessly at his side and Nadine stood, gently easing the baby into his arms. The baby lacked a packscent—abandoned, then, and packless—and shifted in his arms. Theo stared at her, at the smooth line of her brow and toffee brown of her skin, completely transfixed.

Completely taken with her, Theo couldn’t help himself and he knew Gordon would love her too. “We want her. To adopt her”. Not long after her birth certificate arrived and they were a family, she belonged to their pack.

Of course, nothing stays safe for long. By adopting Kaitlyn they found out that they had inadvertently crossed the wargs as well. They have certain superstitions. Shared beliefs passed from pack-to-pack. Ones they’ve believed in probably since they cast out the first of their bastards.

And if a pack offers a warg offense, like Kaitlyn’s pack did, and it’s not addressed, the wargs consider themselves to be under a curse. Ten years of poverty and drought.

The only way to break the curse? They kill every member of the pack that offended them. All of them. To a pup. And by adopting Kaitlyn, they had put themselves in their crosshairs now, as well.

They were warned. “They’ll come after the three of you. And they’ll keep coming, until either you’re dead or they are. Or you’ve given them reason to stop.”

Jo was furious.

While the prospect of what she had to do was intimidating, there was no way—no way—she was going to sit passively by and let some asshole pack of hobos destroy her pack. Her family.

Kaitlyn was theirs. She was pack. She was her brother’s daughter. And Jo wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.
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About Gloria Sanford

Written by Gloria Sanford, a new romance author. Gloria has always loved reading all kinds of sci-fi, paranormal and supernatural romances. Loving the out of the ordinary it was an easy fit to start writing in her favorite genres. With an attention to detail second to none, she is able to put you right there in the story with her dynamic characters. She has already written 6 books with more on the way.

This is a sponsored post via Fiverr for which I received compensation.

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