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7 Free Hot Valentine's Day Reads

As I was browsing Amazon today, I came across these spicy hot Valentine's Day reads. As of the time of this posting, these are all free. Please note that the free status of books can and will change without notice. Click on a book cover to check out the title.

Pearls of Passion - A Hot Contemporary Short Story

Book Blurb from Amazon

Shy librarian Sabrina has had her heart set on Robert, her hunky, reserved colleague, for months. Now she's taking matters into her own hands. . . and anywhere else she can manage. But once she's had her way with him, will she end up with the love match she craves even more than his luscious body? A short, H-O-T contemporary romance, Pearls of Passion is 6,000 words (about 15 pages).

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An Erotic Valentine (Valentine's Day)

Book Blurb from Amazon

When a bunch of flowers arrives from Natalia's ex, she has no idea what he has in mind for Valentine's afternoon. What's on hid mind is sex, sex, and more sex.

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Cheating on Valentine's Day

Book blurb from Amazon:

Will and Cece have hit a rough patch in their marriage, but Will's plans for Valentine's Day aim to turn things around. However, things take a very wild and unexpected turn when his wife suddenly gets sick...

** Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity. It is intended ONLY for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults. **

Click here to download for Kindle.

Candy Store (Contemporary Romance)

On the verge of losing her candy store, Callie Moore decides to blot out her troubles with a tall, dark, handsome stranger. Derek McNear isn't about to turn down a cute, curvy woman at his best friend's wedding reception. But the next day, when Callie discovers that Derek is the consultant she has hired to save her store, they find it difficult to concentrate on business...

CANDY STORE, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre, is a 25,000 word / 150 page sexy contemporary romance novella.

Click here to download for Kindle.

Sexy Valentine's Stories - Volume Three - An Xcite Books Collection

Why save it for February? Enjoy the love and romance of St Valentines day throughout the year with these three sexy stories from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Crush by Primula Bond

Her naked portrait might adorn the gallery walls, looking wanton and available, but Polly is as sweet and innocent as they come. Her boss, Giles, is throwing a party and wants her to help out. With the aid of a classy makeover, Polly hopes to finally make Giles notice her, and ensure her first time is one she’ll never forget.

A Weekend Retreat by Izzy French

Their weekend in the country has been building to the point where these four old friends will finally act on their unspoken desire for each other. What begins as a simple game of strip poker turns into a night of breathtaking passion and excitement as partners are swapped and all inhibitions are released.

Better Than Chocolate by Amelia Thornton

The last thing she wants after a tedious Valentine’s Day in the office is a boring old box of chocolates. Luckily, her boyfriend, Aaron, doesn’t disappoint her. His present to her is a muscular stud tied up with red ribbon, and the threeway fun begins as soon as she unwraps him.

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Chocolate Kisses (novella)

Claudia Mulcahey has one day—Valentine’s Day—to cater the biggest social event Glenwood, Connecticut has seen in years. If she succeeds, her catering business, Fantasy Feasts, will flourish. If she fails, she may go bankrupt. But a lot can go wrong in one day: car accidents, spilled dip, crushed cakes...and the distraction posed by Ned Wyatt, sexy bachelor brother of the party’s shrewish hostess. Once he gets a taste of Claudia’s homemade chocolate kisses, he wants Claudia catering only to him.

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Letters to Sir (February)

***DISCLAIMER*** This story contains content of an adult and explicit nature. Includes; light bondage, male dominance, female submission, light anal play, light spanking and LOTS of sexual content. Intended for those 18 years of age and older only.

In this second hot and exciting short story of the Letters to Sir series, Natalie and John celebrate their first Valentine's Day together. John ensures she has a Valentine's Day that she'll never forget.

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