Sunday, August 24, 2014

FREE August 24th ~ 'The Great Art of Life Is Sensation' by Ashton Rhodes


What freedom does submission offer?

Ashton Rhodes bares her soul and describes her journey of surrender through the skilled and capable hands of Hendrix Larson.

For the first time in her life, headstrong Ashton Rhodes was not in control. She had all but given up on being properly dominated. Her independent attitude left most men feeling they had taken on more than they could handle.

Hendrix Larson however, showed no sign of intimidation when he thrust himself into her life.

Dismissing her apprehension, Ashton allowed herself to be lead into a world of absinthe and secret clubs where anything was possible.

She was finally submitting to the unknown and was certain of nothing more than one simple fact; Hendrix Larson was not to be disobeyed.

Read an excerpt:
“Yes, good girl, good girl!” 
I could hear the smile on his face when he said it, he was breaking me and he loved it and maybe I loved it too. 
He whipped me again, harder, and I didn't hesitate. “Four.... five....six, seven!” I was getting sore, and it was hurting. I wanted it to end, and I dreaded it ending at the same time. 
“Have you learned your lesson?” 
“Yes ,Sir!” Tears were streaming down my face, but I was smiling and felt that the world had been lifted from my shoulders. 
Again I felt the sting of the belt. “Eight....nine!” No, he couldn't stop. He had to stop, or I was going to drop to the ground, but I didn't want this feeling of floating, or maybe ecstasy, to leave me. 
“I'm not sure that you have.” 
I barely choked out, “Ten.” It was hard, and it was final. 
When I saw Hendrix standing there with his belt still in hand, hanging to his calf, and the glimmer of sweat on his forehead, I didn't give a fuck what I looked like. He was my Master, my imprisonment, and my release. He had just given me something that no one ever could before, complete and utter loss of control, and I wanted to smother him with gratitude.

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