Saturday, April 11, 2015

'Mistaken Identify III (The Perfect Woman for Them)' by Sylvia Hubbard


Elena knew she wanted something different... she needed something different, but aside from the dreams she had of past wicked events, she couldn't put her finger on her true hearts' desire.

That is until she found herself meeting Pholsom Todd. A rich millionaire who needed her expertise in his business and her body in his bed. A man determined to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Elena.

Unbeknowing to Elena, Pholsom's plans for her life, her body and her heart had already been planned a long time ago.

Will she be ready for what is to come?

Or die getting what she desires?

Mistaken Identity Three: The Perfect Woman for them is a MFM series, where desire doubles in pleasure. Take a wild ride on the edge of the imagination of AwardWinning, Bestselling Author, Sylvia Hubbard.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone story. The reason this is a book three is because of the underlying story line with sub-characters in this book.

About the author:

Native Detroiter, Sylvia Hubbard, has been involved in writing, selling and producing e-books for over ten years. As a suspense romance writer, she started selling e-books before they became popular and had an early education on the technology and has had the benefit of watching the tremendous growth of social media over the past decade in the literary field. She is founder of Motown Writers Network and Event Chairperson of The Essence of Motown Literary Jam, plus the author of over 30 books, including The Internet Marketing Guide for Writers & Businesses. Her website is:


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