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Meet Lilith Thorn, Author of The Becoming

Welcome to the virtual book tour for The Becoming by Lilith Thorn. She took some time out of her busy schedule to let us really get to know more about her and her writing, plus a couple of interest trivia bits about her as a person. Then check out an excerpt from the book and follow the tour for even more fun!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Traditionally I like ice cream with something crunchy mixed into it. Chocolate Chip mint would be my classic favourite. Though, recently, I’ve taken a shine to the salted Carmel cashew ice cream. Its dairy free and arguably better than real ice cream. Even my husband likes it.

Which mythological creature are you most like?

Wow! If only. I’d have to pause on this one for a minute to think. How I see myself, how others see me or who I really most resemble? ☺ Medusa comes to mind for the mornings, especially if woken up before I need to be up. And who wouldn’t want to be compared to a goddess. In the end I’m likely more of a fairy or a pixie. Cute in theory, but a whole lotta trouble in reality, oh and often appeased with a little something sweet.

First book you remember making an indelible impression on you.

It must have been a good one, because I’ve been reading ever since. I really couldn’t name a single book that left that kind of impression on me from my early years. I know I was a big Nancy Drew Fan. Anything by Christopher Pike I gobbled up. I remember having a stack of 14 books at the beginning of one summer vacation and finishing them before the new school year started.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

A lot my writing comes from natural character development. I have an idea of who they are and where I’d like them to land, but as the story line progresses and their personalities develop things might pan out a bit differently than I had originally planned.
As for plot, these are developed internally. They spin around in my head for months before they make it to paper. Often in pieces waiting for the glue that brings each important scene together, that will come once I start putting it to paper.

Describe your writing space.

I work from home. I also write from home. I prefer a desk top to a laptop, its more comfortable for my hands while typing. I have a comfy desk chair on rollers. To my left my husband has his home work space set up, to my right is a shelf of puzzles and random toys for the kiddies. My day planner and notes are neatly piled in the space between my keyboard and monitor. My speaker and phone sit opposite both serving as a distraction and a way to fill an otherwise quiet room. Neatly standing behind those are notebooks and files from my various jobs, social media, marketing, administration, a box of pins holding them in their standing position. On top of the box is a picture of my husband and two children taken four years ago, bellies to the floor eating my son’s first birthday cake, they’re laughing. The walls feel bare but display memories. A framed papyrus from Egypt, an aluminum photo of the view we had from our apartment while living in Hawaii and a canvas print of a Cessna from my husband’s first job which props up a long, rectangular piece of Styrofoam, pulled from something shipped to us recently, that my son has transformed into a four year old’s interpretation of the Aurora using crayons.

The Becoming

Niamh is a good wife. She learned early on that crossing her husband had consequences. Living quietly in the shadowed cage he has formed around her, Niamh suffers his secrets and bares the scars they leave behind.

On the night of her biggest humiliation Caleb enters the ballroom changing Niamh’s course forever. He brings safety to her dark world and introduces her to the possibility of escape. Will Niamh’s love for Caleb be the key to her freedom or will it be her undoing?

Read an excerpt:
Chapter One – Pg. 1

He is the man I would have noticed first, had he been in the room when I arrived. As it was, he arrived “fashionably late”, as we’d say now. Men and women alike stole glances as he strode through the doors; we were too polite a society to stare.

He is the kind of creature that draws all eyes to himself without doing much to deserve it. Though this was not his home, he was the king of the castle. Even in my distracted state, I soaked in his energy, felt him before I saw him and, like a magnet pulling me, my body turned toward him.

Had I been anyone but my demure self, my jaw may have hung open or I may have walked toward him to embarrass myself with a bumbled, unasked for introduction. Instead, as his eyes met mine, I quickly glanced away and blushed. Later – much later – he would tell me it was the blood rushing to my cheeks that drew him to me.

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About Lilith Thorn

Born in Dundas, ON, Lilith Thorn is a restless wanderer. Her first move was to St. Catharines where she earned a Theatre degree at Brock University. Despite her parents’ wish that she would return home and work at McDonalds after graduating, Lilith refused and instead moved to Toronto to give acting the ‘Old College Try.’ After years of sacrificing her other passions for the stage and an empty bank account, she put away those dreams to say “Yes” to a different adventure. This took her to Dublin, Ireland for a few years where she met, fell in love with, and married another Canadian who took her to the one place she said she’d never live: Yellowknife. After nearly a decade in Canada’s Great White North, Lilith looks forward to further adventures with her husband and two children, just about anywhere.

Lilith Thorn is a pen name, the pseudonym used to protect the innocent; that is, so she hopefully never has to explain to her mother-in-law over dinner that she has written an erotic novel.

Social Media:

Twitter - @liliththorn

Instagram - @byliliththorn

Facebook Page - @liliththornwrites

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