Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pinstripe Lust by Niraj Sharma

An undercover cop falls for the sister of the mobster he’s investigating.

Tony Vergotti enjoys his upper crust, elite status. His luxury menswear store is just a front for his real business—organized crime. New York is always buying and bosses always need clean money.

With his beautiful sister running the store, Tony knows he’s untouchable.

But when she starts seeing a new man named Vin, Tony’s danger sense begins to buzz. The guy smells like a rat. As his sister and Vin fall head over heels for each other, Tony’s torn between being a good brother and protecting his business. Will Tony have to kill his sister’s lover? Or is his gut wrong about this guy?

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Niraj Sharma has always spent the majority of his time involved in academia and working alongside his family's newspaper publication as an assistant editor based in Toronto, Canada. In keeping in contrast with these two aspects which served him both in a professional and academic light, this is also where he developed his love and fondness for the creative world of writing. In keeping with the path to pursue this passion, he had many ideas in his mind which explored the concept and topics of love, fatality, poetry, philosophy, and of course, fiction. With combining all of these different ideas, it forced him into a state of being trapped in a deep writing frenzy which thus gave birth to his first-ever novel, The Penthouse. Niraj, however, is not stopping here, though, as he is continuing to his life's passion for writing and has big plans for the arenas of nonfiction, poetry, and self-help books to come!

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