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'Captive Hero' by Donna Michaels

Today, I would like to welcome author Donna Michaels to the blog. Check out her book 'Captive Hero,' from the Time-shift Heroes Series.

About the Author

I live in Northeast PA where we experience all four seasons, although, I wouldn’t mind hanging onto summer a bit more and winter a bit less. I’m married to a career military man; we have four wonderful children, and an assortment of rescued cats. Never a dull moment in my household!

As for my writing, I am multi-published in eBook and print. I write from sweet to hot, short to epic and anything in between. You can find the ratings and length next to the book on my website. I have fourteen titles and one Free read through The Wild Rose Press, one title with Whimsical Publications, and just recently, I released my very first self-publication-Captive Hero.

I love to write a damaged hero where something happened in his past to mark him. They’re my favorite kind to read, too. A mixture of vulnerability and a strong backbone are a must for my heroines. She usually has a decent wit, too. My books contain humor, some more than others, and most have a protagonist with a military background. Thanks to my husband, my real-life hero.

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Captive Hero (Time-Shift Heroes #1)
by Donna Michaels
Contemporary Romance, Time-Travel Romance

Category(ies): Action, Adventure, Comedy
Publisher: Amazon Digital & CreateSpace
Release Date: November 3, 2012
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 349 print pages

Test flying an invisible plane—unreal. Time-shifting to WWII—unbelievable. Capturing a hero—unavoidable.

When Marine Corps test pilot, Captain Samantha Sheppard accidentally flies back in time and inadvertently saves the life of a WWII VMF Black Sheep pilot, she changes history and makes a crack decision to abduct him back to the present. With the timeline in jeopardy, she hides the handsome pilot at her secluded cabin in the Colorado wilderness.

But convincing her sexy, stubborn captive that he is now in another century proves harder than she anticipated—and soon it becomes difficult to tell who is captor and who is captive when the more he learns about the future, the more Sam discovers about the past, and the soul-deep connection between them.

As their flames of desire burn into overdrive, her flying Ace makes a historical discovery that threatens her family’s very existence. Sam’s fears are taken to new heights when she realizes the only way to fix the time-line is to sacrifice her captive hero...or is it?

Can love truly survive the test of time?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language which may be considered offensive to some readers.

“I’d like to see you try.”

Without hesitation, Sam positioned her foot behind his ankle and smacked him with a well-placed palm to his shoulder. Knocked off balance, he sailed backward and collided with the back of the couch.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

She straightened her sweater and stepped toward her duffle bag, a small smile twitching her lips. That felt good.

She should’ve known he wouldn’t let things rest. He was a Marine. Seized from behind, Sam met the wall, elbows bent, palms flat near her head.

“Not so fast.”

Large hands held hers in place, while deep, panting, hot breaths washed over her neck and ear, stoking her core’s dormant fire to blistering life. Dammit! She did not want to be attracted to him.

“We need to lay a few ground rules.”

His sexy voice goose-fleshed her skin. Bastard. Pressed firmly into her back, he conformed every delicious, toned muscle to keep her immobile. She liked his toned muscles. She didn’t like immobile.

“I agree.” She pushed back with all her might and promptly regretted the action.

Mistake number two.

The pissed off pilot increased the pressure of his solid body, stirring longings she should not have for the bulging erection plastered against her ass.

“Settle down, you minx, and listen. You will go nowhere without me. Like it or not, I’m your shadow. Do you understand?”

Her heart stopped, along with her struggles. “You expect to sleep with me?”

Long and thick, his erection jumped at her words. Jumped! Sam inhaled and closed her eyes tight to hold back a moan. You will not be aroused. You will not be aroused.

She was aroused.

“No,” he finally said, voice as strained as his body. “I’ll lock you in your room. I’m not about to try to sleep worrying you’re going to shove a knife in my chest the second I close my eyes.”

He expected to sleep if they shared a bed? Sam swallowed back a bout of hysterical laughter. There’d be no sleep, no knife, and he’d be doing all the shoving.

She cleared her throat and refocused. The bedroom doors locked from the inside, therefore, he couldn’t possibly carry out his threat. Still, he was smart. No doubt he already had a plan. She decided to dig.

“Aren’t you afraid I may have a radio in my room?”


No? Wanting to see his face, she used the slight slackening in his body to push back and twist around.

Chalk up another mistake for Samantha the stupid.

A quick recovery had Mitch plastering her against the wall, every solid, hard inch he possessed rubbing her sensitized form. Strong and fierce, wicked cravings cancelled the fight from her mind. She stilled.

Talk about captured.

Damn, he felt…damn. She never experienced anything so incredible. Her gaze dropped to his mouth so achingly close. She’d love nothing more than for those delicious lips to seize hers again.

Stay strong, her mind ordered. You can get past this. In an attempt to regain control, Sam closed her eyes and inhaled.

Mistake number four.

He smelled hot, woodsy, manly. Ah hell, she was in trouble. The man oozed testosterone like it was free. Okay, so it was, but damn. All her combat experience with said male affliction couldn’t help her now. Her trusty immune system against rockin’ hot men failed her for the first time. Ever. She didn’t have a defense against it. Not with him. Her control slipped further, and when she opened her eyes, her heart literally performed a defensive spiral in her chest.

He’d switched gears too. Hunger deepened his gaze to mirror warm Bermuda waters and devoured the remnants of her strength.

Trouble. She was in deep. Liquid heat throbbed through her core, aching to consume the thick, bulging erection now pressing her belly. God, she never wanted anyone this bad before. Never ached with such force.

Lack of control was completely new.

Maybe if she’d had sex just once in the past seven months she could combat this dangerous desire. But she hadn’t. And she couldn’t.

Breath clogged her dry throat. What was he waiting for? Why didn’t he do something?

With escape no longer a thought, Sam’s need to set the mistaken pilot straight, to make him understand the truth, flew into the wild blue yonder as a greater need, a deeper, stronger need prevailed.

Her need for Captain Mitchell.

“Shit,” someone muttered, a second before their lips met in a heated, mutual, frenzy.

Hands still captured by his, she leaned into him and rejoiced at his low, guttural groan. He kissed her again and again with mind drugging precision, and she met the give-and-take demands with equal zeal, his lips drawing a response clear up from her curled toes.

If hot had a taste, it was Mitch. The man melted her bones. Oh, he was good. He threw down desire’s gauntlet and need commanded she returned the pleasure.

She did.

Giving herself over to the kiss, Sam poured all her energy, all she had into the passionate embrace. Solid and delectably broad, the captain’s chest pressed into hers, peaking her nipples on contact. The only way this could be better was if they were both naked. Heat spiraled to her core, spiking out in all directions as he thrust against her.

Air. She needed air, but that would mean breaking apart. Not an option. She let out a moan instead and thrust back.

“Yeah,” he whispered, relinquishing her mouth to nuzzle her neck.

Shivers raced to her feet, teasing her most intimate spots along the way. Cripes, she’d give him ten hours to stop. Using the unexpected break to fill her lungs, Sam closed her eyes and quivered as his lips teased the sensitive skin behind her ear. She moaned again.

Head lifting a fraction, he stared into her eyes. “Like that?”


He released her hands and skimmed a path down her sides, brushing her breasts, her nipples, her waist, straight to the curve of her hips where his fingers curled in a light caress.

She inhaled sharply. Anticipating. Waiting. Needing those hands on her, everywhere, touching all of her…especially south.


Night Owl Reviews-Reviewer Top Pick!
“Ms. Michaels has outdone herself yet again by writing another story in which her readers can't help but fall in love with her characters. I loved that Marine Pilot Captain Samantha Sheppard was a tough, no-nonsense kind of woman who was smart and could kick anyone's butt if need be. I loved seeing that she was a dominant female when the situation called for it, but Sam also had a deep, tender side to her as well. This is another great story by Ms. Michaels that I enjoyed from cover to cover and I'm eagerly awaiting the next book to be released in this Time-shift Heroes series. Well done!”--Diana Coyle, Book Reviewer

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
“Loved this book! ‘Captive Hero’ is my first e-read...I'm hooked, both on the format and the concept. Sam makes a wonderful heroine, and I loved the romantic story line, the time-travel aspect, and the wicked plot twists. Donna Michaels had me turning e-pages as quickly as possible to find out what happened next...I couldn't put it down. Michaels has it ALL. Take a strong, creative plot, add in terrific characterization in the form of smart, sexy and determined heroines and a to-die-for hero, toss in great dialogue and use of World War II-era slang, along with insight into the psychology of a 20th century hero with an incredible sense of duty and honor who is forcibly transported into the 21st all adds up to a can't-miss read. Looking forward with anticipation to the next book in the series!”--Kitty

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
“What a fantastic story!!! Hot, strong hero and a just as strong female. The beginning of the book when Sam and Mitch first interact is a hoot and I love Sam's thoughts in response to Mitch's strong-arm tactics and it is great when he learns how powerful a female Marine can be. The romance is great and stirring. I was expecting one twist and was shocked when the twist occurred and it was an unexpected one; I actually cried along with Sam (and I don't do that with most books). Even the end kept me guessing. I am now anxiously waiting for Maria's story to be published; she was one of the great characters in the book whose banter with Sam was quite funny.”--Texasrn

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