Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'Fierce Protector (Hard to Handle Book 1)' by Janine Kane


When wounded ex-SEAL Zack Norcross finally returns home to rural Texas, his life is brightened by the beautiful and sensual Evaline Montgomery. Cautious but helplessly drawn to her, Zack soon discovers a dark secret which brings danger and suspicion to their quiet town. Sworn to keep Eva safe, and able to call only on his most trusted friends, Zack must face ruthless gangs, crooked cops and his own darkest fears if he is to protect this stunning, precious woman.

Read an excerpt:
Chapter 1 – Blue on Black
Ghanzi Province, Afghanistan
October 2011 
Zack illuminated his watch once more, the dim blue carefully shielded by his hand to avoid being seen, and read out the numbers which stared back at him through the pitch-black. “3820 meters, 0121h, 21°F”. 
“So, what you’re saying is,” Nick whispered back, “we’re way, way up a mountain, it’s the middle of the night, and we’re freezing our asses off?” 
Zack sighed. “That’s a roger, Senior Chief,” replied the younger man, tiredness obvious in his voice. They were perched on a snowy ridge-line in a remote, frozen landscape. In the daytime it had been a beautiful sight, the undulating hills topped with fresh snow, gleaming white under clear, high-altitude sunshine. From their position, were it not the wrong side of midnight, they could have seen the whole valley, a swooping half-horseshoe with towering, domed peaks on either side. The long, scenic overview was, in fact, exactly why they were there.

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Janine Kane is a fiction writer born and raised around the arctic plains of northern Minnesota. She grew up believing she'd follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford and become an archaeologist (not a rebel space pilot), but as a young adult, she discovered her sister's stash of Harlequin Romance stories. A lifelong love of romance novels had begun and she cultivated a new dream of trading in her thigh holster (archaeologist have those - right?), for pen and paper.

She spent almost a decade in the medical field, but her hand and heart ached to write. She finally picked up a pen to put to paper the stories in her head wrestling to be told.

She makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and two feline friends; Mish and Mash.

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