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Meet Brownell Landrum, author of the Duet Stories series

You have seen the Duet Stories featured here all week. Now meet the voice behind the series.

What was the inspiration for your books?
I’ve written three novels – in a series called “DUET stories,” written from multiple points of view – like a “duet.” I wanted to describe everything – from the beginning of a relationship to the more complex (and stimulating!) nuances as a couple navigates the challenges in getting to know each other. In my first book, The Song Begins, Paige and Griffin meet and try to overcome internal and external obstacles to see if they’re ready to commit. This is where most books end…But not DUET stories! In the second book, The Tempo Builds, the relationship gets much sexier and more intriguing as the couple experiences a dreamory – dreams that are, in fact, memories from a previous lifetime together.

My third book is called “A Chorus of Voices,” though it could be titled “Fifty Shades Deeper.” In it, Paige and Griffin meet Ana and Christian, and the two couples explore a shared past – in the 1600s Ottoman Empire. This third book delves into the spiritual dynamics of attraction, sexuality and soulmates. Here’s a video for more info:

What appealed to you so much about 50 Shades?
When I read it, I was compelled to delve into the motivations behind the characters, as though they were real people. What was their purpose in meeting? What lessons did they have to learn? Had they known each other before…as in before-before? I also think the story’s popularity is a reflection on today’s society, that with the shifting roles of women and men, we (as women) may want equality in the workplace, but we still want strong, dominant, confident men in our bedroom!
50 Shades was one of those books that you either loved or you hated. What do you say to the haters?
I honestly think the haters didn’t “get it.” Sure, I understand some of the criticisms, and maybe a few are somewhat justified, but I think they missed the subtle nuances and messages in the books – some that even E.L. James might’ve not deliberately intended! I’ve had some 50 haters read my book and their reaction is, “Now I get it!” They understand the deeper psychological and spiritual motivations and it made them appreciate James’ work!
So, this is a sort of fan fiction based on a fan fiction. Have you ever written any other fan fic?
No. This is my first, though I will say that whenever I read a compelling book, I always wonder: what if the characters had a deeper soul connection? If they’d known each other in a previous lifetime, how would their relationship have been different? And wouldn’t it be awesome if we could re-experience their first kiss all over again – yet as different people in another time?
What are Duet Stories? Why do you like to tell stories this way?
I love exploring the different points of view – first person and present tense – of couples. “What’s he thinking?” “What does she want?” “Why hasn’t he….?” “Why won’t she…?” It’s often the things left unsaid that get us into trouble!
What else have you written? On what else are you working?
My first book was a nonfiction book entitled “Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies Into Triumph.” DUET stories are my first novels, though I’ve also written two children’s books (which readers of A Chorus of Voices will appreciate!) And, most importantly – at least to your readers – is a book I’m working on and want their help with – called Maks & The Persian Princess. (see below.)

And I’ve also written a movie screenplay, currently being considered by a Hollywood producer. Wish me luck!
What lights your fire?
Other than writing and reading – and the more, let’s say naughty pleasures in life? I like inventing, deep discussions, laughing with friends, and physical activity (yes, that, too!).

And I’ve just gotten on Twitter and love the positive and encouraging reception I’m getting from people about my books. So lovely! The truth is, there’s nothing more rewarding than reaching and touching people in a deep and meaningful way!
What are you reading right now?
This is going to sound so cheesy, but I just re-read my 2nd book (The Tempo Builds). Yes, it was to make a few final edits, but also because I just love the characters! Sorry (and embarrassed) if that sounds self-serving! I’m also reading some Nora Roberts (love her stories, just wish they were a little more “adult,” if you get my drift) and also enjoy Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series!
What is next on your TBR pile?
So many! I'm a fan of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, so I'm sure I'll read her next one. And I've got some nonfiction books on screenwriting and crowdfunding that are on my list!
What can you be found doing when not writing?
I have a program I invented called DrawSuccess 4 Students that we’re launching to combat bullying. Very exciting!
Tell us about Readers Club International.
Reader’s Club is a forum for authors to launch their books and connect with their readers in a more meaningful, direct way.
What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?
That I’ve actually dated a billionaire! Best kisser on the planet, but let’s just say he could learn a thing or two from reading my book! If he did, who knows? I might even consider taking him back!
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes! First, I’d love to share my books with your readers! The third book (the Prequel/Sequel to “50”) is free to download at my website: And if they want the whole series (also free) just contact me at!

Second – I’d like to see if your followers might want to give me (naughty!) tips for my next book, “Maks & The Persian Princess!’ If they read the “50” prequel/sequel, they’ll see a tease to this story…which is going to be very, very erotic! (And maybe a little bit dark!) For more information – and how to help – go to:

Thank you so much for your time!

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