Thursday, June 26, 2014

'Setting Old Scores' by Mike Sposs


Kevin Kelly runs into his childhood girlfriend from the old inner city neighborhood he grew up in. They resume their relationship after she reveals what was at the heart of their original breakup. It turns out she was afraid to tell him of her biracial roots. The girlfriend, Pat Washington is finishing her doctorate in music & is auditioning to join a symphony orchestra. As Kevin struggles to get the relationship restored he strives to solve a decade old murder that happened on a hot summer night when riots broke out in his old neighborhood. Pat and her mother show enormous courage and heart when they decide to confront their history. Kevin reconnects with friends Willie Smith, and Matt the Tunnel Rat to solve the mystery. Great musical references and links to sixties and seventies music. The humor is plentiful. The romance is a great story.

Read an excerpt:
As he packed, Kevin noticed that Pat did have one picture stuck in the corner of her bedroom dresser. It was an old picture. Kevin had been in the room before and seen it there before. It was a black & white of the two of them together outside the house. They were just teenagers, tall and thin. Big smiles on their faces and arms around each other. The picture had to be ten years old. 
Kevin picked it up and studied it. Pat came over and stood next to him as he looked at it. Then she said, "I thought about taking it down today so you wouldn't know I had kept it up there all these years. I want to be more like you, more honest with my feelings. So I left it up there. Believe me; I have looked at that picture often. I prayed for you lots of nights before I went to bed, especially when you were in the service. I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you."

Hannah was in the living room. The sun porch bedroom could be closed off from there only by a set of French Doors. She could see the two of them in there looking at the picture. She heard the conversation, and attempted to rescue her daughter from it. She called out to ease the situation and said that she was going to get her camera and retake that same picture of them, today.

Author Bio:

Mike Sposs lives in Minnesota and has sailed all over the world as a merchant mariner. He grew up in a inner city neighborhood that was burned out during the race riots of the mid sixties. He loves motown music, and jazz. He sailed during the Vietnam era on old ships pressed into service hauling munitions and explosives.

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