Thursday, September 25, 2014

FREE 9/25-9/29 'The Perfect Time for Jake and Kay' by Vanessa Lewis

Book blurb:

Kay has dreamt of the time when she'd have a chance to be noticed by her long time crush, Jake Grillo. She is surprised to see him at a local burger joint as a waiter, and she can't seem to stop staring his way. Her best friend brings her attention back to reality and tells her she could at least still admire him, even if he was clueless she was even on the planet. Find out what happens to this pair as their two totally different worlds seem to come closer together in interesting ways, and find out who wants to keep them apart, for good. This feel good romance is a continuation from Paper Thoughts 2, where a portion of it was featured. As promised to readers who wanted more of the story line, a series of beloved characters has been launched. Who knows what will happen next....
FREE 9/25-9/29

Stay tuned for the sequels!

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