Monday, September 29, 2014

'I Hate You Rock Stars' by Brie Kraus


Sometimes a lie will lead you to your soul mate.

After learning that her fiancé was only marrying her because of an agreement between him and her father, Emma Corzeica flees New York and goes to London to rethink her choices in life. While there, she meets Julian “Jules” Brex, a famous musician in England, whom she immediately dislikes, thinking him nothing more than another arrogant jerk.

Then her ex-fiancé arrives to bring her home, and force her to go through with their wedding. While trying to escape his advances, Jules interrupts them, telling Emma’s ex-fiancé that they are now engaged. Forced into another “engagement” Emma finds herself having to pretend that she loves this stranger, whom she loathes, but will Jules be the one to give her the intimacy she has been searching for?

Author Bio:

Brie Kraus always dreamed of being a writer, but put that ambition on hold, while pursuing working in the fast food industry and putting herself through college. After graduating and losing her employment, Ms. Kraus turned back to her forgotten dream: writing. Don’t Ask is her first novel, closely followed by I Hate You Rock Stars.

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