Monday, February 23, 2015

'Love's Call' by Jala Summers


Kyle Jones, recovering from a messy split from his ex-wife, is convinced by friends to enjoy a singles' cruise to take his mind off of his recent divorce. He is prepared to take his friends' advice to live it up and enjoy his new bachelor status. That is, until he meets Liana Harris.

Liana, whose only reason for attending the singles' cruise is to accompany her friend, is not interested in finding love on her vacation. With her own past relationship issues, she has lost faith in the elusive ideal of love, and avoids anything that bears any resemblance to it.

But Liana and Kyle soon discover that the defenses and walls they have erected don't stand a chance when love calls.

Author Bio: 

Jala Summers is the author of primarily Contemporary Fiction, spanning across the
General, Women's Fiction and Romance genres.

She likes to explore the intricacies of life and believes that the complexities of human emotions and human nature are more than enough to drive any story.


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  1. Thank you, Andrea, for hosting my title. Kyle and Liana were two of my favorite characters to write, and I'll miss telling their stories. Hope your readers enjoy it as well!!


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