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'The Chairman's Invitation (The Chairman's Obsession Series)' by Ariadne

The Premise:

A brilliant, quirky, quietly gorgeous, geeky, naturally sexy, 19 yr old precocious American grad student, is on her way to England, invited to teach an Honors seminar at the Academy of the Sacred Spring, easily the wackiest, kinkiest, least inhibited, private-est and very high-walled girl’s collegiate school Oxford does NOT want you to know about.

Book Description:

"The Chairman's Invitation", the 33,000 word introductory volume of "The Chairman's Obsession" series, introduces Lauren Lildahl, a young California graduate student being flown by an executive air service to England, where she will teach a guest seminar on sex and power at a private, some might say secret, college for bright, sexually advanced, ambitious young women. Lauren’s summer-long adventures begin en route, as she experiences new 8 mile highs and sizzling in-flight entertainments in the flesh, and learns from a former student at the college the sorts of personal sensual challenges she is in for. Even before arriving at her destination Lauren will have to confront her ideas about love and license, polyamory, bisexuality, nudity, kinky explorations, and group sex. By the time she lands in England, Lauren and her readers will be well started on a journey of sexual transformation, wacky fun, seriously expensive adventures, and hard use at the hands of CEOs, economic espionage agents, perverted clients, high-priced ladies, and the hard-body bodyguards who tuck them in at night. Join Lauren and her new friends as they take us to a world of sex and intrigue and comedy never experienced before.

About "The Chairman's Obsession" Series

"The Chairman's Obsession" recounts Lauren Lildahl's journeys of sexual transformation from sensual novice to accomplished courtesan, beginning with her wild journey from San Francisco to London, then her stint at the Academy of the Sacred Spring, a private college for young women hidden behind the high walls of a vast classic English Country Estate. The Academy is a school of tight chains and loose morals, of demanding teachers and superiors, of hungry bodyguards and libidinous “special guests”, of dungeons and decadent spas, with even a miniature hilltop castle for training the girls in the art of joyful submission, and for spotting potential police raids. In this darkly wacky, thoroughly bent, possibly even depraved setting, the dedicated Academy staff are guided by the “Way of Artemis”, a vast collection of Rules, aphorisms, petty bureaucratic procedures, and nefarious schemes, as they turn even the most naive and reluctant girls into properly corrupted, sensually accomplished, totally compliant companions for sophisticated men and women with dark needs and expensive tastes, and the wealth to pay for them.

Lauren is invited to Europe to teach, but must first become a student all over again. To be a teacher of the carefully selected girls at the Academy, Lauren must earn their respect by being schooled herself in the basics of sexual pleasure and service, by sharing the burdens of obedience they must shoulder, by submitting to the same bonds of discipline that bind them, and by experiencing impersonal sexual slavery to earn true personal freedom.

Proud Lauren, who knows so much about the theory of sex and power, must confront the hidden depths of her own desires. She faces these challenges with the assistance of the staff and colleagues of the Academy, including her own students. Their wit and warmth emerge in scenes of sensual excitement, absurd comedy, tearful punishments, raging passions, and intense joy. Lauren finds herself teaching to learn, giving to receive, losing to gain, and surrendering to attain ultimate victory. Along her path of discovery, Lauren learns to, as the Artemis mantra expresses it, "rise up by going down".

Her hard-won successes in the dungeons of perversion and penthouses of power prepare Lauren for a career of erotic adventure and sensual discovery ranging from London and Paris, to Venice and the Riviera and the secret romantic hideaways of the Mediterranean. The canyons of New York and Hong Kong, of Rio and Tokyo, become her hunting ground, as well. She often kneels to power, but always rises to triumph, until...Ah, but that would be telling.

"The Chairman's Obsession" is for readers who are of an age that permits them to access adult content.
Special introductory price of just $0.99!

Lauren Lildahl's personal mantra:
"Ignore what you're hearing. Hear what they're saying."

About the author:

With "The Chairman's Obsession" series, Ariadne, of the red thread fame and the tale of Theseus' escape from the Labyrinth of old, returns to weave a new saga of searching and discovery in hidden depths. She invites the reader to join with the brilliant young graduate student Lauren Lildahl as she learns the shallowness of pride and the depth of humility; the great wisdom of obeying even greater wisdom; and the joy of submitting to women and men who care for her, but who care even more for the young woman she is potentially becoming.

No stranger to the inherent comedy of humans in heat, Ariadne tells her tales of sexy exploration through the eyes and actions of the dozens of richly detailed characters who escort Lauren on her journey. Through the stories, Ariadne weaves a yarn of dense and colorful fabric, of treacheries and triumphs, of betrayals and loyalties, of secrets and sorrows, of lies that may not be lies, and not always clear truths.

Ariadne's readers share in her own exotic past as they accompany Lauren in her journey to an exciting and even more exotic future. She brings Lauren and her colorful cast of supporting characters to life in realistic settings and circumstances, reflecting her own adventures among the rich and powerful. She has flown on the private jets, has known real-world billionaires, and has traveled to the places and stayed in the amazing inns and resorts she writes about. Lauren's depth and range as an engrossing, engaging, enchanting young woman come from Ariadne's wide knowledge and painfully-gained understanding of men and women through the long saga of human history. In sharing Lauren's journey, the reader will be sharing the world of one who is a seeker and visionary and historian of human sexuality as much as a storyteller.

Ariadne's life and her personal triumphs and many disappointments are the best possible qualifications for spinning, weaving and sharing Lauren Lildahl's tale. But she also benefits from her collegiate years in Berkeley and New York City, her work as a systems design and development professional, her years as a jet-setting marketer and consultant, and her successful stints as a senior corporate manager.

Closer to Lauren's story are her affairs on four continents, her extensive travels, especially in Europe, and living in Asia for twenty years.

Ariadne's tag line: 
"A voice from every woman's past"

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