Monday, July 27, 2015

'Grandma's Cookies: The Sweetest Thing Next Door (Grandma's Gifts #1)' by MJ Tokazuna


Lust can surprise even the most unsuspecting individuals. In this HOT, young stud/cougar next door Romance we learn about Suzanna. Having her first child at 17, she learns the responsibilities of teenage motherhood. Unfortunately, she doesn't educate her daughter Kaitlyn who has her first at 17 as well. Maintaining a great outlook on life, Suzanna sees many of her qualities in her 18-month old granddaughter Penny. An incredible package of awe and cuteness, the twinkle in her eye alone is enough for Suzanna to focus her energy on her family. For Suzanna, she is done with men. That is until Kaitlyn garners the type of attention she realizes she has been missing since grandmother hood…and she begins to eye the neighbor. His name, Noah. In the first installment of Grandma's Gifts we learn temptation is nothing to mess around with.

"One of the best stories I have read this year. I recommend this 'girl next door' story to everyone who enjoys a content rich short read."-Bryan Iseli Kindle Publisher and Romance novelist

About the author:

MJ Tokazuna is an Oregon native and when not spending his days writing Romance stories for various publications he like to spend time outdoors. Hiking, running, road trips, nature walks, walking his dog Mr. Kennedy, rock-climbing—THE BEACH! Anything outdoors that gives him the opportunity to stop and smell the roses is ideal. Never missing the chance to remind himself that making a career out of publishing original works is beyond a dream come true. He will continue creating the most heartwarming, character driven content rich short stories.

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