Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Narcissist: Seduction (The Disorder Series #1)' by H.G. Tudor


The narcissist is a weapon of mass seduction.

When the narcissist first enters your life, they seem to be heaven sent. The reality is, he or she is taking you on a journey to hell and making you feel grateful for them doing so.

This no holds barred story will show you how the narcissist insidiously coils his or her tendrils around the hapless victim. A victim, who by demonstrating honesty, decency and empathy has made themselves the prime target for the narcissist's toxic attention.

Ashleigh Hovenier, a beautiful banker, wife and mother endures an abusive domestic life. Surrounded by the trappings of material wealth, she seeks to bring up her two children whilst dealing with her bullying, domineering and sadistic husband.

Ian Wynne, a former colleague of Ashleigh's is also a successful banker. Having escaped, just about intact, from an abusive marriage, he has settled on the single life in order to maintain his sanity. Deep down however, he craves someone to love and this time to get it right.

When Ashleigh and Ian's paths cross, they see a mutual need in one another and they embark on that journey into the narcissist's hell.

If you have ever had the misfortune to experience a narcissist in your life, much of this story will resonate deeply with you.

If you have so far escaped the attentions of a narcissist you owe it to yourself to read this story and know the signs of their destructive behaviour. Only armed with this knowledge will you be able to protect yourself from the narcissist's seduction.


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