Monday, September 21, 2015

'Trissia And the Mysterious Buyer' by Lara Humphrey


Trissia meets Mr. Zanquist, a strange millionaire who will take her into a mysterious paranormal world where her body and feelings will be put at the service of this powerful man

My life is a mess; I am about to lose my tiny rental apartment and will have to move back with my mom. I don't seem to find any decent clients, so my job is really not doing very good.

However, today I decided I’d make a bold move and try to steal that sexy client my "best friend" from the job has got for herself. I mean, she really doesn't need any more clients and she could "borrow" this one for me.

I'd never think a hot millionaire like Mr. Zanquist would ever look at me, but somehow I've got a good feeling. His gaze provokes on me a shivering cold that goes all over my spine and somehow drives me crazy.

Maybe this time my luck will change. I lose the first two buttons on my blouse and let some cleavage pop; paint my lips with a pinkish fresh red and get down from the car.

It’s a firkin hot day outside; here I go, wish me luck.

How would I possibly know that I'd be messing with an Incubus?

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