Sunday, September 6, 2015

'Cinderella: Not Quite the Fairy Tale' by May Sage


Cinderella, the first of the "not quite the fairy tale" series out, was hugely popular upon release; a playful, naughty, well thought out retelling of the classic, this novella will make you laugh out loud and skip a meal or two to get to the bottom of it!

Read an excerpt:
Dane had found that kind of fetish rather strange in the past, but damn if those weren’t cute. He had nothing against the idea of taking the little toe in his mouth and… 
“Whatever you’re imagining,” she said, “don’t.” 
Wise advice. 
Glancing back up brought his attention to her mouth and his mind immediately sank back in the gutter.

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About the author:

Once Upon A Time, there was a little girl who just loved telling her own stories. Fast-forward about two decades? Not a lot of change, there.

My mother's collection of novels extends to three rooms, the stepfather who raised me writes awesome short stories: really, I didn't have a choice, I caught a bug.

I dabble in anything, Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopian... Really, the subject doesn't matter.

The gist of it is: I will make you laugh, and I will make you want more :)

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