Monday, September 7, 2015

'The Re-Union' by Vicwin


Summer's life was going as planned, except for her love life. To complicate issues, she is plagued by reoccurring dreams starring her high school boyfriend, Malik. When the opportunity arises to meet up with Malik in the form of their high school reunion, she takes it. Question is, is this just for a hook-up or a chance to attain her ultimate fantasy?

This eBook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Mature readers only.

About the Author

Indie Author Vicwin, originally from Orlando, Florida now lives in Tennessee with her fiance, two dogs and a cat. She has an AA degree and has been a dog groomer for seventeen years. Gathering the courage to make her hobby of writing into a full-time career, she has released her first two books, “Zoe's Punishment” and “The Re-Union” to Amazon Publishing. Vicwin's goal is for her stories to be written with intriguing plots, fast paced narrative, and hot descriptive sex scenes that will satisfy your reading pleasure.

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