Wednesday, February 3, 2016

'Confessions of a Nanny in Space' by Michael P. Mardel


Sharlene is torn between enjoying herself and not breaking the rules. We first meet her at the beach where there is a convenient bathing box. Sharlene is asked to babysit two pre-school girls but the husband has more than that in mind. There is a safe word, however, which sees the three adults on a spaceship. Sharlene visits the alien a few times and volunteers her body to save the world. Meanwhile, Sharlene joins the convent, but only after having a lesbian relationship. She is torn between being straight or gay or being celibate. On her return to the world outside the convent, she travels overseas and has a few straight relationships whilst being a nanny. She joins the Army Reserve on her return but meets someone or two to try for the perfect fit. Will she ever be satisfied?

About the author:

Michael has been a nanny In England and in the Reserves though most of the stories have been his imagination.

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