Thursday, February 11, 2016

'The Soldier's Lost Love' by Kristen Flowers

I lost the only love of my life years ago. I can’t lose her again…

I never wanted to stay in my small hometown. I was adventurous, independent, and I wanted to see the world. But if I’m being honest…

She drove me away…


She was my high school sweetheart and I was crazy about her. She was beautiful and perfect in every sense of the word and when she was taken away from me it tore my world apart.

So I left and joined the military.

Now I’m back in town on leave and when Claire gets invited to a neighborhood party a million emotions from the past come crashing into me like a freight train.

Claire, the girl I used to be in love with, is now Claire, the woman. And she’s still every bit as beautiful and perfect as before.

She’s the only woman that can make a six-foot soldier built like a brick house weak at the knees with a jittery heart.

I’m used to fighting for what I want and there’s nothing I want more than her.

But our days are numbered, I’m only on leave…

And before long, I’m forced to question everything I thought I knew about myself…

The moment I saw him my heart stopped. After so many years, seeing him live and in the flesh was almost too much. He looks so different now.

With his smooth deep voice, a tight t-shirt stretched full of savory muscles, and a touch that sends hot tingles across the skin—what girl wouldn’t have her breath stop and her heart thunder inside her chest?

But he’s not just any man.

He’s Kurt.

And we have a history.

I always regretted our past. He made me feel cared for. He made me feel loved.

But our lives are so different now. I have a budding career in our hometown and he lives a thousand miles away.

Now I have a million questions racing through my mind…

Do second chances really work?

Can we be together if the world is tearing us apart?

But the one question that terrifies me the most

Will this last?...

The Soldier’s Lost Love is a romance novella filled with true passion and fiery emotions that run deep. It explores the world of second chances, long lost loves, and damaged pasts. If you’re looking for a romance filled with fire and passion, this is the book for you.

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