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Read an exclusive excerpt from Hitman's Kiss (A Mafia Romance) by Kate Sands

Hitman's Kiss

She thinks he’s more than a killer. He’ll have to kill to prove her right.


I’ve been working for Don Capelli since I was twelve. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve killed, but lately I wonder if I’ve still got the stomach for it. Not much choice, though--a man like me doesn’t get to have a nice little wife and family to come home to.

And now there’s this chick. Emily. Cute, and sweet, and innocent--it’s her old man who has gambling debts. But I’m holding her hostage until her father pays up.

Except he’s not paying, and the Don wants to turn Emily into one of his whores.

It ain’t right -- she didn’t ask for any of this.

I gotta protect her somehow … and hope Don Capelli doesn’t find out.

I’ve spent my life buried in books. They’ve been my closest companions, my true friends … but they didn’t prepare me for this.

I’d be scared to death except for Robert. I know he’s done awful things, but he’s not an evil man, not deep inside. And he makes me feel things that no man ever has.

He’s all I’ve got since my father abandoned me.

If we bring each other pleasure … is that so terrible? 

When Robert runs away with Emily to keep her safe, it’s not long before the Don’s hitters come after them. 

Can he keep them both alive--and battle his own doubts--long enough to give their newfound love a chance? 

Hitman’s Kiss is a full length romantic suspense mafia novel with NO CHEATING and a HEA.

Limited offer of $0.99, regular price is $2.99

Read an excerpt:
Chapter 22 - Robert

I could still remember what it smelled like before Melisa showed up outside the hotel. The wind had just picked up and the rain had started to come down in heavy droplets. I could hear tin cans being tossed about in the alley, and a group of teenagers scrambling to the other side of the street. I had gone out for a cigarette, and I stood with my back against the wall, looking around before I pulled out a lighter to enjoy my smoke. That heavy metallic scent that always accompanies a heavy rain settled over the sky, and I sniffed it in, recalling the days of my youth when I used to run in the thunderstorms behind our old house. 
“I bet you thought you were through with me, didn’t you?” I heard her voice. Goosebumps dotted my skin. Sweat formed on my brow. Melissa Leonard was back. How the f**k did she find me here and what the f**k did she want? I drew my cigarette up to my mouth and then took in a draw. I didn’t even want to look at her, because I had already warned her that I would kill her. If I found out that Emily had been harmed, then I was going to keep good on my word. 
“I got nothing to say to you, ****.” I spared no pleasantries and I hoped, for her sake, that she would just go away, because I couldn’t trust what I would do if she got much closer. 
“I thought maybe you’d want to know how your little girlfriend is doing.” Melissa sauntered in front of me, then, as if from some kind of fantasy movie, she jumped into the air and drew a long, shiny sword. This had to be some kind of joke, I thought. She lunged toward me, and in a split second, I had dropped my smoke, ducked below her feet, and twisted her ankle around so that she couldn’t move. I wasn’t sure how I had acted so quickly, especially given my shock over her elaborate weapon. 
“Let go, Robert.” Melissa tried kicking her foot out from beneath my grasp but I had my palm planted so firmly on her boot that only a superhero would have been able to wrestle me free. I took my other hand and punched her foot so hard that I could literally hear the bones break inside her boot. She screamed. 
“Take that, b****!” I yelled and then leaned forward to better steady my balance. Still writhing in pain, she lurched forward and attempted to swing her weapon, but I grabbed it by the sheath and tossed it to the ground. “Nice try. You aren’t getting’ out of this one.” She fell forward, obviously unable to walk, and I stood back to see what she tried to do next. 
“I’ll show you what I’m made of, you piece of s***.” Melissa spun around from her crouching position on the concrete, but I kicked her in the face as soon as she got close. The rage was building up inside me, and I could hear that voice in my head tell me that I needed to be sure that I only did what my conscience could handle. Then I thought about how she had ambushed us at the safe house, how Emily had been struck with the poison dart, had bled and then been kidnapped. I shook my head. 
“You get no mercy from me. Burn in hell.” My fist drove into her face with the impact of a train hitting a parked car. She moaned with pain and collapsed onto the pavement. The rain continued to pelt us like some sort of intrusive bystander. My hair was flat on my face, and I could barely see from the slanted stream of water that fell from the sky. Melissa lied on the ground, unmoving, for a good five minutes and I was just about to walk away when I heard her moving around for the sword. 
“I’m not a quitter, Robert.” She crawled on all fours to reach her blade, then seized it in a final act of retaliation. I stood back and then watched her try to get herself together. She was clearly hurting, and I loved every second of it. She hadn’t even gotten all of what she deserved yet. She had taken down Emily with a poison dart and had drugged Marco until he was unconscious. This was a person who, in my eyes, didn’t deserve the right to live.

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Kate has a passion for writing hot and steamy romance stories centered on bad boys in a world of their own.

Penning her fantasies, Kate unleashes her heroines on her bad boys in unforeseen circumstances shaking the very core of both individuals. .

Written for men and women, these sizzling stories will set your kindle alight and leave you begging for more!


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