Monday, June 13, 2016

How I Became a Lesbian by Catherine Long is FREE today only!

How I Become Lesbian: 5 Hot Wet First Time Stories

First Story: Lesbian Romance: Her Name Was Maria And She Was My Boss: The Story Of My Seduction

I arrive at my friend’s wedding, a shy nervous kinda young woman. I leave knowing exactly who I am and where I want to go in my life. What happens in between?

Sharing a bedroom with two females who welcome me, and soon begin to direct my life in the best possible way. I hear them making out in bed, and feel embarrassed the next day. But, when they find me crying because of the pervy old boyfriend, I soon discover a whole new me.

Second Story: Lesbian Romance: How I Lost Hope Then Found Myself

I’ve worked hard at getting qualified, and I’m excited at my new job. When my husband cannot join me, I find myself on a company jet with my female boss, going to my first assignment.

Little do I know how closely acquainted I am about to become with Maria, my boss. Not only do I experience my first ever “69’ position, but I also discover that I like sex with women, just as much as I do with men, I think…

Maria is a bisexual, and an experienced woman in life. She’s rich, accomplished, knows what she wants and takes it. I’m attractive and young, but I’m nowhere near as confident as my new lesbian partner. She soon has me between her legs, as she is between mine, teaching me all I need to know.

Third Story: Lesbian Romance: If My Husband Can Cheat Why Can’t I?

Negligent husband had no idea that he pushed his wife into lover's hugs.

Fourth Story: Lesbian Romance: Meet Son’s Teacher At A Parent’s Evening

What happens when a sexy nurse and a sexy teacher meet? They instantly hit it off.

It all starts when Sarah struts her boobs in front of a female colleague, and feels oddly turned on. On the same night, she meets her son’s teacher, and it’s love at first sight.

Sarah and Catriona have sex on the teacher’s desk. Then they progress to the woodlands. They just cannot leave each other alone and try to keep their dirty little secret quiet.

As their relationship builds up, they ponder whether to ‘come out’ and tell the world of their love for one another. The biggest problem is that Sarah worries for son, Jonathan, and they have to decide whether to stay together, or split apart.

Fifth Story: Hot Girls Love Big Girls

Clara thought she was in love with Matthew, till he dumped her in a horrible way. That put her off sex for a whole year. During that time she was down in the dumps and ate her way to gaining weight. She didn’t care, it was comforting.

A strange encounter in the pouring rain changes everything in her life. She discovers her real sexuality and realizes why she hasn’t ever really enjoyed sex, because she’s been going with the wrong gender.

Though it causes much confusion in her head, she slowly embraces her new life. Then she meets Jade at a lesbian club. Jade is butch, everything opposite to her own feminine self. But, this is it, this is exactly where she wants to be. She’s found her real self and doesn’t need to be ashamed of her weight gain any more. No longer does she need to pretend to be someone she is not. Clara will never try to impress a man ever again. She is excited and ready to learn all the new experiences.

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