Friday, June 10, 2016

Read an excerpt from Saving Liberty by Helena Newbury, now available in paperback!

Saving Liberty

Emily is the President's daughter. Gorgeous but innocent...not the kind of woman who should get involved with me, an ex-Marine with a bad boy rep. But when a sniper opens fire, the need to protect her is stronger than anything I've ever felt. Suddenly, we're on the ground, my body covering hers. I save her life then walk away, sure that I'll never see her again.

But when a shaken Emily asks me to become her bodyguard, I can't turn her down. Now I have to wear a suit and call her ma'am when all I want to do is slam her up against the wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of us can resist...but I can't let her get close, not with what's lurking in my past. And the danger is far from over. The White House is under threat...and I'll do whatever it takes to protect the woman I've fallen for.

Read an excerpt:

A huge, warm arm hooked under my armpits and heaved me off the ground. My heels kicked once on the ground, sending a jolt of pain up my injured leg, and then I was fully airborne, lifted right off my feet. I felt the press of a body against my back, a hip rubbing against my ass, and it hit me that I was being carried under someone’s arm like a piece of luggage. Who the hell was strong enough to do that? I still had my eyes squeezed shut but I could feel us moving: the darkness rose and fell in a fast, pounding rhythm. Who was strong enough to lift me and carry me while running?
I started to open my eyes but, just at that second, another bullet hissed by us. Hissed by me. I hadn’t heard the hit when I was shot but I heard this one, a sound I never want to hear again, like a side of beef being slapped. My rescuer, whoever he was, had just been hit. I squeezed my eyes tight shut again, waiting to fall.
And heard, very clearly, a voice say Motherfucker. The syllables were twisted by pain and brutal anger but I recognized that whiskey-silver accent.
Then there was a deafening boom, the sound of a gun being fired only a few feet from my head, and I clung to the arm that held me as tightly as I could, my hands wrapped around a bicep that felt like warm rock. The gun roared again and again, a flurry of shots, as if my rescuer was pouring all his anger into it. And then I was flung down on my back on the grass and a huge, warm body was hunkering down on top of me.
I finally opened my eyes.
“You’re going to be okay,” said Kian O’Harra.

Author Bio

Helena Newbury is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of hit romantic suspenses Lying and KissingPunching and Kissing and many more.

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