Monday, January 16, 2017

Running Bear by Amber Belmont

Running Bear

Shelby Roberts spends her days surrounded by love and romance. A successful florist, she really doesn’t need a man getting in the way of growing her business. But when her childhood sweetheart, Caleb, walks into her store, Shelby’s world is thrown into turmoil. If Caleb thinks she’ll take him back, he can forget it, not after he shattered her heart into a million pieces.

Shelby needs answers she isn’t sure Caleb can give. Why did he walk out on her all those years ago? Why’s he decided to come back now? And can she ever forgive him?

Falling in love with Caleb was the worst mistake of her life and she’s never going to make the same mistake twice, no matter how persuasive Caleb is. And Caleb can be very charming when he wants something – or someone.

Can Caleb convince Shelby to give him a second chance or is it her turn to run away?

About Amber Belmont

Amber Belmont was inspired to write her first novel after a dream about a character who came to life as Caleb Love and now she has a whole heap of characters all demanding she writes stories about them!


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