Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Bedroom Gangster' by Big Herc

About the book:

Bedroom Gangster takes story telling to the next level with its hardcore, pornographic details of sex and hustling. Ex-con, porn star, writer, Big Herc paints a vivid picture of swinging, porn sets, wild parties and hooking up, placing you smack dab in the middle of a triple x movie. Having lived the life, Big Herc keeps it real with his characters and gives you a first hand look from the hood to Hollywood.

Read an excerpt:
Tone awoke to the heavy panting of a golden retriever in his face as he lay curled up on the sand of the Santa Monica Beach, with his goose down blanket and leather Polo coat. Tone spent his first night in Los Angeles sleeping away his past against the back drop of the Pacific Ocean. Watching the waves break, Tone contemplated the life in the hood he’d left behind and the new life ahead he wanted to create for himself. 
“Franky! Franky! Get over here! You don’t know that man. I’m so sorry about that, Franky is a little overly friendly,” a female voice said as Tone strained to adjust his eyes against the glaring sun. The retriever was licking Tone’s hand as he moved to position himself and get a better look at the beauty behind the voice. Sitting straight up, the woman’s crotch was almost directly in front of his face. Through the thin white material of her shorts, he could make out the outline of her puffy pussy lips. It was obvious that she was not wearing any panties. Her legs were well built and tan, displaying signs of past athleticism. Her feet were bare and her toes French pedicured. Her ankle bore a single silver designer bracelet, with a matching silver ring around her pinkie toe. Moving up past her shorts, she was a little thick in the waist, but in a sexy way. Her belly button was pierced with a diamond stud. A pair of succulent thirty-six double D tits hung low, right above her belly button in a white sports bra. Her face was natural, free from any makeup, with full juicy lips and piercing blue eyes. Her long blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back. 
“Don’t worry about Franky; he’s just a playful little guy, aren’t ya!” Tone said playfully, grabbing the blue rubber ball that had rolled over to the area where he had been sleeping. Upon Tone grabbing the ball, Franky went crazy, jumping up and down, wagging his tail and barking. Tossing the ball towards the ocean, Franky took off clumsily to go fetch it. 
“How are you doing this morning? I’m Tone,” he said holding out his hand to greet her. She extended her hand squeezing his fingers. Her hand was soft and her fingers manicured. Taking in her full beauty, Tone could see that she was a mature woman, probably in her mid-forty’s, but very attractive. Older women had always been Tone’s thing. He didn’t like to waste much time with women his own age, because they usually didn’t know what they wanted and liked to play too many games.

Bedroom Gangster is a tale of an ex-con by the name of Tone who gets out of prison and heads to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. His goal is to start a porn company and use his body to get ahead servicing willing women. He weaves a trail of lustful exploits, engaging in debaucherous encounters that make for an orgasmic page turner. This is a novel that will leave you wanting to know more about Tone and his adventures. A novel based on the real life porn star Big Herc.

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