Friday, February 24, 2017

Crossed Lines by J.T. Marsh

Crossed Lines

At seventeen Keith is a troubled young man from a broken home. At thirty-four, Karen is a strict but lonely Spanish teacher working her first teaching job at the inner-city East Vancouver high school Keith attends. They fall in love and carry out an illicit affair while each manages their own way through their difficult lives, until they learn they have more in common than they ever thought possible. It continues when they meet again ten years later, changing them in ways neither had ever thought possible, in ways neither would’ve wanted. Following a common thread through both their lives, their love causes them to do things they’d never thought they’d do, pushing them to the brink of personal ruin, and nearly into death.

Told through a non-linear narrative, Crossed Lines follows Keith as a teenager and as a late-twenty-something as he falls in love with Karen, only to learn, ultimately, what it means to let go. A literary romance, Crossed Lines shows obsessive love in the satisfaction it can provide and horrifying consequences it can entail when followed through to its end, against all reason the single-minded pursuit of happiness leading instead to pain, suffering, and the destruction of lives.

About J.T. Marsh

J.T. Marsh was born and raised in the Vancouver area. He's always hard at work on his next novel and can be contacted at:

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