Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Read an excerpt from Say You Love Me (The Reclaiming Heaven Duet) by E.R. Whyte


Forbidden love. Dangerous followers. A relationship that will pull more than her body into the spotlight.

Eighteen-year-old Gunner Ford is a hopeless romantic. After his best friend’s older sister kissed him on a dare five years ago, he lost his heart to her completely. But when his friends take him to a strip club to celebrate his birthday, his dreams evaporate as he sees his perfect woman performing onstage.

Shiloh Brookings believes that family comes first. So when her teacher’s salary won’t cover her brother’s medical bills, she takes a second gig as an exotic dancer to pay off his debt. But her worst fear is realized when she spots a senior from her high school sitting in the crowd.

Determined to help her, Gunner renews their friendship while he secretly longs for the off-limits apple of his eye. And as Shiloh draws dangerously closer to the sweet young man, a stalker dogs her every move and threatens much more than her employment.

Will this student-teacher connection result in a deadly lesson?

Say You Love Me is the first book in the tense Reclaiming Heaven contemporary romance duet. If you like unforgettable characters, steamy tension, and slow-burn suspense, then you’ll adore E.R. Whyte’s irresistible story.

Read an excerpt:
I place one hand on the door jamb above her head and lean in, inhaling her nerves. She doesn’t give an inch of ground. I smile, a slow curl of my lips. “Shiloh.”

“Don’t call me that.” She probably hates the slight quaver in her voice but gives no sign. Instead, she tips her chin up in response to that primal something she can feel arcing between us. I know she can feel it. Damnit, if I can feel it every time we get close to each other, there’s no way she isn’t feeling it, too. Her pragmatism is no doubt telling her to lock it down. My bet is that the woman in her is telling her something very different.

“Do you have any idea how f*cking hot it makes me when you get all prissy and schoolmarm-ish on me?”

“Gunner!” she gasps, placing a hand on my chest to shove me away. I hold my position. “I just want to put my hand on your thigh… right about here... ” I demonstrate with a light graze, then return my hand to the door jamb. “…and pull that skirt up an inch at a time… pull those sexy glasses off your face…” Her eyes are fixed on my throat, her lips parted. I can feel her breath ghosting the surface of my skin as she breathed in and out. “I just want to break that propriety you pull so tight around you, Shiloh. Watch you splinter.”

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Elle Rae Whyte is a simple girl at heart. She lives on a farm in Virginia and spends her time raising her family of five, catering to two cats, and indulging her reading and writing habits. She loves being alone, bananas foster, and Pepsi.

Whyte worked as a high school English teacher for around a decade before she decided she really wanted more time to devote to her family and other fun stuff. Now she writes, homeschools her youngest, and spends entirely too much time on the computer.

She writes slightly steamier romantic suspense novels under the pen name E.R. Whyte.


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