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Read an excerpt from Where the Birds Fly: The Sculptor by Cathrine Goldstein


Welcome to the blog tour for Where Birds Fly: The Sculptor by Cathrine Goldstein! Today I have an excerpt for you from these steamy romance novel. Be sure to also check out the rest of the tour!

Where Birds Fly: The Sculptor (The New York Artists Series...After Dark #1) 
by Cathrine Goldstein 
Genre: NA/Adult Contemporary Romance/Slice-of-Life 
Release Date: October 9th 2020 


On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Kimberly Rayne, “O,” moves to New York City to take her shot at becoming the painter she’s always dreamed she could be. But her desires run deeper; this is O’s chance to finally be with the one man she has loved since she was twelve years old, her older sister’s best friend and world-famous sculptor, thirty-eight-year-old, Douglas Craven. 

For all those years “Cray” had never thought of himself as anything more than a mentor to O. Why would he? She was just an extremely talented kid who needed guidance. But lately, he can’t even look at her without thinking more… 

Driven by his demons and taboo feelings, Cray sinks deeper into darkness. Terrified of a past that haunts her, O controls her life by abusing diet pills. As their lives plummet downward, they find their paths are inextricably linked. But can Cray ever overcome his oppressive guilt and have a life with O? And will O ever end her self-sabotage to be with Cray and become the artist they both know she can?

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The first three books in The New York Artists Series: 


 “Come here.” He holds out his hand for me to walk ahead of him, and points down the nearly deserted, narrow side street.

I’m wobbly as I walk ahead. I’m way too high to be stable thanks to my heeled boots and my diet pills. I walk past the first three stores still busy with late-night shoppers, and find a quiet spot behind the railing attached to a set of basement stairs.

I turn toward him as he steps forward, reaches behind me, and slam! He smacks me on the ass. Hard.

“Huh!” I step back, wedging myself closer to the building, grabbing the railing for support. Lust and desire course through me as I rub my ass where his hand had been only moments before. My jeans moisten as I stare up into his dark, dangerous eyes.

“It’s not a good idea to roll your eyes at me.”

“No?” I lick my lips.


“What if I roll them again?” My low, breathy voice surprises me. I release the tiniest sigh as he steps closer.

“Are you testing me?” He backs me up against the building.



I roll my eyes again…slowly.

He moves so fast I barely have time to gasp as he grabs my right forearm and holds on so tightly, I can’t break away. As if I would try. He pulls me off the wall and closer to him until we’re nearly touching—chest to chest, hips to hips. He towers over me and stares into my eyes.

“Do it,” I whisper. “Again.”

He holds my arm tighter, and my body grows tense in response. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, leaning toward him. I can feel him raise his hand behind me.

“Look at me.” His voice is deep. 

I open my eyes. 

Slam! He spanks me harder this time. I moan as my body jolts forward against his, but I don’t move away. He leaves his hand on my ass, possessively cradling me, rubbing away the pain through my jeans. I nearly explode from desire.

I push closer and the bulge in his pants grows harder. 

“Cray,” I whisper.

I move my chin upward, and he takes his hand from my ass, and brings it to rest on my cheek. I nuzzle against it—tears aching in my eyes—as he exhales, loudly.

“Your face was made to be sculpted.” He runs his fingers across my cheekbones and into the hollows beneath them. He moves his hand to my hair that’s fallen across my shoulder, and he weaves his fingers through it. He brushes my collarbone as he does.

“It’s like you were made to be ravaged but protected, all at once.” He holds my chin and draws it upward, cupping me. He rubs my cheek with his thumb.

“Maybe I was.” I place my hand on his forearm that bulges with sinews.

He leans down, and I lift up onto my tiptoes. He tilts his head and his breath rushes out parted lips, crashing into mine. He raises my chin higher…

…and stops.

“Cray,” I’m nearly panting. “Don’t stop. Kiss me.”

He drops his hand and shakes his head. He moves away from me.

“We should go back inside. Janet was talking about something—I really,” he exhales, loudly, “I really didn’t pay any attention.”

About the Author
I am a bestselling author who writes gritty, real-feeling books in the genres of YA, NA; women’s fiction; and romance. I’m the author of The New York Artists Series, standalone novels about strong, artistic men, and the smart, unexpected women they fall for; The Letting series, YA dystopian fantasy; and The New York Artists Series…After Dark, standalone, first-person stories with darker subject matter and even more tension… 😉  I began my career as an award-winning playwright, and I am a member of RWA, PAN. I have my BA in English and my MA in Theatre.

I am a fan of Luna Bars, decaf coffee, yoga, Hemingway, and Bukowski—and the loves of my life are my husband and my two young girls.
For more about me and my books, and to find out what’s coming soon, please visit:

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