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'Wicked Good Witches' Box Set by Starla Silver


Wicked Good Witches- A Little Bit Funny, a Little Bit Sexy, and Around-the-Clock Supernatural Trouble... the story begins with an unsolved murder. One that will change everything.

Come stalk the streets of The Demon Isle... you'll go up against witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, faeries, and a host of other devious supernatural creatures waiting to wreak havoc. Where fans of the paranormal come to vacation and immerse themselves in fantasy. Where magic comes to life, mysteries abound, and you might just find yourself laughing, crying, and most definitely, falling in love.
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About the author:

Starla Silver is a pseudonym for paranormal author Rachel Humphrey-D'aigle. Titles under the name Starla Silver are meant for ages 17+, and currently includes Wicked Good Witches (an offshoot of Rachel's other series, Witches of the Demon Isle, which is written for teens).

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'The Alpha's a Bitch (Rise of the Pack Princess)' by Cera D. Colby


Stephanie Bennett was a well loved, yet somewhat lonely, mobile veterinarian. In her world of sick and injured pets there was little to no time for anyone else - not even a pet of her own.

But that all changed one cloudy Friday afternoon on her way home from work. Just then something huge and definitely not human jumped out into the road right in front of her truck. Little did she know that the paranormal shapeshifter thing in the road would soon change her life forever…

This Paranormal Werewolf Romance story contains some violence and sexual situations and strong female lead characters. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.

Read an excerpt:
“Thank you,” he said swiftly as he dropped the food now in his hands directly into the messy pile already on the floor in front of him. He reminded her of a dog caught in the act of stealing food. It was almost comical. 
He turned to face her and Stephanie noticed just how sharp and quick his movements were. He seemed awfully spry for a man who had been barely breathing the day before. But he was still buck naked. 
“For everything...” he added as he looked down at the bandages on his arms. When he looked back up at her, she noticed that his eyes were a startling shade of blue, so light in fact, that they were almost white. 
“You're welcome,” she said shyly, lowering her eyes. She motioned for him to stand still as she went and retrieved a sheet from the couch. She handed it to him when she re-entered the kitchen, trying not to make him feel too uncomfortable standing there in his birthday suit. 
“Here is a sheet to wrap around you... are you still hungry? Come over here... have a seat and let me make you something to eat,” she murmured as she slowly moved past him since he had not yet wrapped himself in the sheet.
Reader Reviews: 
"I enjoy this author's far out imagination and the sweetness with which she handles a typically terrifying topic while simultaneously creating an exciting page turner...quite a stunt to pull off." 
"I highly recommend this book and I am hoping there will be a sequel so I can see how the romance develops." 
"... a romantic romp that kept me turning pages as I tried to figure out what happened next. If you're a fan of paranormal romance, this is one for your list!"


I am southern, born and bred, and proud of it, having lived in Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and now back in Tennessee. I can't help but think that my southern raising has something to do with how my stories evolve over time and eventually come out on the page.

I don't really consider myself an author - that sounds way too formal to me. I prefer to be thought of instead as a storyteller. I enjoy working with stories that allow my imagination to soar - especially in the form of kids stories or paranormal romance.

So give my little stories about werewolves, vampires and other paranormal beings a try and see what you think. Or my kids books too. If you lose yourself, even for an hour or two, in a new land or situation that you would never get involved with otherwise in real life, then I think I have done my job for the day. ;~)

Feel free to visit my facebook page at anytime to find out even more information about me and my books:

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Kindle Countdown Deal! 'Sweet Victory (Dartmouth Diaries #2)' by Beverley Watts


Victory Shackleford has somehow managed to win the heart of Hollywood heartthrob Noah Westbrook. But life with the world’s most famous actor is not all hearts and flowers, particularly when the media seem focused on publishing every bit of malicious gossip about her they can manage to dig up.

When an old secret surfaces that could not only see her reckless irresponsible father in jail, but almost certainly destroy Noah’s acting career, Tory is faced with an agonizing decision – one that could potentially lose her the love of her life.

And not all fairy tales have happy endings…

About the author:

Beverley and her husband divide their time between a large flat overlooking the sea on the beautiful English Riviera (where it's generally warm and wet) and an officer's cabin on the west coast of Scotland (where it's cold and wet).

Between them they have 3 children (2 grown up) and a menagerie of animals including 2 dogs (an Irish terrier called Nelson, plus a neurotic 'Chorkie' named Pepé) and two cats called Dillon and Honey.

Beverley is currently writing a series of romantic comedies entitled The Dartmouth Diaries. Claiming Victory - Book One, and Sweet Victory - Book Two, are already available on Amazon. Book Three - All For Victory, is planned for for publication sometime in the autumn of 2015.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kindle Countdown! 'Women Running Wild' by Bobby Hutchinson



Intrigue, romance, and laugh-out-loud humor await you in WOMEN RUNNING WILD.

Love intelligent, sexy, zany females who’ve chosen unusual careers?

Maxine does telephone sex while diapering her baby.

Maddie’s a private detective whose sister’s in love with a criminal.

Tessa’s a matchmaker with an impossible clientele.

Author Bio:

Bobby Hutchinson loves people who don’t fit society’s definition of normal. She’s a friendly hermit who disproved the belief that you can’t go home again.

She lives, breathes, reads and writes books, and has written and published upwards of 55, mostly romance, which she obviously needs to learn a lot about.

She lives alone, except for two rabbits. She has two of her six brilliant grandchildren living just down the street, and she relies on them for advice on all things electronic. She walks, reads, writes and likes this quote:

“When you change the way you look at a thing, the thing you look at changes.”

Friday, June 26, 2015

'Kennedy in Denver' by R. Colora


Kennedy Brennan was just about to start her life after graduating from the Barton Music Conservatory. She and her three best friends decide to have one last night out before the graduation ceremony the next morning.

Accepting drinks from a secret admirer brings her life to a screeching halt. After waking up from a coma and facing her attacker during a trial, she changes her identity and starts a new life in Denver. Finding an old run down building across the street from her favorite bakery, she plans to start a Music Conservatory of her own.

The only thing standing in her way is Billionaire Real Estate Developer and One of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors Easton Kerrigan.

Kennedy and Easton's Story is the beginning of a seven book series involving The Kerrigan Siblings and Friends.

All books are standalone and have a Happily Ever After for the main characters.

These books will contain extremely dark subject matter and the couples face a lot of hardships before they find their HEA.

FREE read!

Author Bio:

I'm NOT novelist I'm not even sure I would consider myself and author, I'm just a mom who likes to write stories, these stories are a fiction but come from personal life experience. I enjoy DIY Pinterest projects and crafting. I have a craft room that is now doubling as my writing room. when I write I like to listen to the music, Josh Groban seems to be my go to station on Pandora.

I was born in New York and went to P.S. 173 in Washington Heights and P.S. 246 in the Bronx. When we moved to Florida I started Elementary school at Maplewood Elementary before completing school at Cresthaven Elementary in Pompano Beach, I went to Deerfield Beach Middle School and Deerfield Beach High School before leaving the area for a fresh starts I landed in Bradenton, Florida where I now live with my husband and three daughters; I spend my days as a stay at home mom driving my kids to schools and after school activities.

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'Dragon's Guide to Slaying Virgins (An Otherworld Realms Novel)' by Isabelle Saint-Michael


Morgan had resigned herself to death. She had been ready to follow her true love into the afterlife, if only a certain Dragon hadn’t “rescued” her. She wasn’t grateful – after all, she was a full-fledged Lady Knight and perfectly capable of making her own decisions, without the help of arrogant Dragon Lords, no matter how good-looking everyone seemed to think they were…

After dragging Lady Morgan from a Troll’s lair and dropping her off in another realm, Vallen thought he’d never see her again. But then an old member of his Knight Order betrays her oaths and begins amassing an army of thugs and highwaymen - in the same realm he’d left Morgan.

Racing back with only his brother for a squire, Vallen finds Lady Morgan, accompanied by a teenage Werewolf, ready to take on this Dragon all by herself. But it will take all of them to defeat her, and little do they know that in this battle, the secrets of their broken hearts will rise up from the past and walk again…

A half romance, half fantasy with a strong female lead, full of humor, tragedy, love, revenge, trust, betrayal, loyalty, and broken hearts coming together to heal each other. Containing both steamy love scenes and rousing battle scenes, this is a book for the modern romance or fantasy reader.

Read an excerpt:
Vallen awoke to the sounds of Young singing, off tune, again. “What are you doing?” Vallen grumbled, resisting the urge to pull the blanket back up over his head. 
“Singing while I pee, my favorite morning ritual.” Young turned around, having just finished watering the local flora. 
“Of course it is. Why ever would I have a brother who conducts himself with a measure of grace?” Vallen forced himself to sit up and take note of their surroundings. As he suspected, they had spent the night uninterrupted. Vallen tugged on his boots and fought his way to his feet to stagger to the stream. 
“Are you ready to get going?” Young bounced around behind him, pulling a light coat on over his tunic. 
“Are you always this chipper in the morning?” 
“No.” Young thought about it. “Actually, today I think I’m sort of quiet.” Vallen mentally sent a heartfelt apology to Sir Leon for having to train Young. 
“If your squire brothers smother you in your sleep I will know it was justified and not insist on seeing vengeance served.” Vallen rolled his bedroll back up and gave his younger brother a cutting glare. “It makes me thankful I was out defending the realm in your early years and Grandmother was left to deal with you.” 
“I was an adorable Whelpling. She thought I was a refreshing joy after the years of boredom she had with you.” His mocking tone did little to soothe Vallen’s morning mood. 
“It’s going to be very hard to be a bard if you’re missing your vocal chords.” Immediately Young shut up. 
It took about an hour, but the boys fed themselves and the horses, packed up, and headed out. By the time the sun was dancing in the midmorning sky, Young was already whining for a break. Despite his best pouts, that had obviously worked so well on his riding instructor, they pushed on. Vallen told him repeatedly that they could rest when they arrived at the portal, but Young knew better. 
“So what if we see the crazy girl again? I mean, if she’s still alive.” 
Vallen shot his brother a warning look. “She isn’t our concern. Avery is our target. Our mission is to go in, put down Avery, disband her men, and then go home. It shouldn’t take all that long.” 
“Yeah, but let’s say the crazy girl… what was her name?” Young asked, snapping his fingers. 
“Lady Morgan.” 
“Yes, that’s it. Her. What if she’s there and is all, ‘Oh, Dragon, eat me,’ or something like that. What then?” 
“The eloquence of your words astounds me.” Vallen resisted rolling his eyes. “We keep her from killing herself if she is there. She is an innocent and thus should be protected.” 
“I don’t know about that. She is evidently some all-powerful warrior or something.”

Vallen snorted. “You think everyone is an enchanted warrior. You think I am.” 
“You are!” 
“Fine, I’m a bad example. Why are you so sure she was?”

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About the author:

Isabelle Saint-Michael is a cupcake enthusiast, shoe addict, and globetrotter. She is known for her sense of adventure and geeky hobbies. She is frequently seen haunting coffee shops and pubs into the wee hours of the morning. No matter where she goes, shenanigans and mirth are never far behind.



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'The Right Bear's Arms' by Nora Eli


Copper-haired, curvy Katie grew up watching her mother chase one alpha bear after another, and swore that would never be her. She wants nothing to do with werebears, especially pushy, conceited alphas. When she meets sexy street musician Jake, the heat between them is instant and undeniable. He seems too good to be true, and everything she ever wanted.

Jake can’t believe his good luck when he sees Katie. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of in a mate, and his instincts says she’s destined to be his. Jake’s a rare thing: a werebear living in the big city. He’s on the run from his past, refusing to be the alpha his family expects.

It’s destiny versus reality when Jake has to decide how he and his bear can overcome Katie’s reluctance and convince her that he’s the right bear for her, and Katie has to decide whether to let her past rule her future.

This is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Read an excerpt:
Jake told himself he had to stop staring at Katie’s breasts. He’d noticed her the second they’d come in, like there was a spotlight following her around the greasy spoon. Every inch of her glorious curves made his hands itch to touch her. Statuesque, curvy, and a redhead to boot, it was like someone took a peek at all of his favorite fantasies and turned them into one girl. And then she started talking and the urge to pick her up and run away with her got worse. She was more than sexy as hell, she was sharp and tough. His inner bear was awake, growling, and scenting the air hungrily. 
When he blurted out his proposal, he was only half-kidding. 
She laughed at him. Damn. “You don’t have to marry me to get me on your side,” she said.

The answer to his next question suddenly seemed vitally important. He looked her up and down, giving in and lingering on the sweet swell of her hips and the way her waist dipped in just enough, before slowly meeting her bright green eyes. “What do I have to do then? Cause right now, I’d do anything.” He let his voice drop, in hopes of making his meaning unmistakable. 
Katie shivered, and his bear let out a growl of satisfaction. “Anything?” she repeated. 
Anything.” Their eyes locked until Rafe, the jerk, kicked him under the table. 
“Can you two get a room or something?” Rafe didn’t look up when he spoke, busily pouring a small pile of sugar into his coffee.
“Sorry,” Katie said, her cheeks shading that delicate pink again. Jake wondered if the blush moved all the way down her body, then wanted more than anything to find out. Before he could say anything else, she excused herself and got back to work.
“Damn it, Rafe, I had something going there.”
Rafe wrinkled his nose and swallowed a gulp of coffee. “I know, I can smell the pheromones.”

Author bio:

Everything is better with bears (or lions or tigers or wolves, oh my)! I love writing sexy paranormal romance, from small-town love to thrilling world-spanning romantic adventures--I'm here for it all! Don't miss a single release. Sign up for my email list at!

Website link: