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#99cent #KindleCountdown sale! Owned By the Hitman by Alexis Abbott

“You will be my woman for a year, servant to my whims and desires. I will not hurt you, unless you want me to.” 

I'm in deep to the Mafia. My father was the one who made the deal, and when I inherited his club, I also inherited his troubles.

Ivan wants to save me, or so he says. More like he wants me to be his slave for a year. After the one-night stand I had with him, though, would that be so bad? With his impossibly hard body, and the way he always makes me scream...

But he's still a monster. He's a criminal, and something so much worse.

And yet I can't stop the tingling in my body every time I think of how he touched me, and those dark but delicious words rolling off his tongue, tinged with his Russian accent.

He knows what I'll say, even before I do. "I'll take your offer."

A full length Romantic Suspense novel. Safe.
99 cents on Kindle Countdown!

About Alexis Abbott

I'm Alexis Abbott, and I love bad boys, gritty backdrops, and super steamy sex! Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of new releases, sales, giveaways, and lots of other fun stuff ;)

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FREE for a limited time! The Alpha Warlocks' Claim by Auriella Skye

The Alpha Warlocks' Claim

Cancel your plans, witches and warlocks! You're invited to tonight's Firewick Festival. 

Taking multiple lovers is a family tradition. Hell, it's a witch tradition, but Charice Brixton isn't having it. She doesn't have time for a man, let alone two powerful warlocks. She's perfectly fine running her magic shop in Kala West, Florida with her sisters.

Until she's forced to attend the Firewick Festival, a biannual gathering with stuffy board members overseeing the match of witches and warlocks in hopes of creating the perfect triad. Magical speed dating at its finest. Charice would rather have a root canal. She's willing to use her powers to keep from going, even if it means the wrath of those in charge. That is until two hotter-than-hell men walk into her shop and alter her plans.

As powerful warlock enforcers, Kye and Warren carry out the laws within the magical community. It only makes sense for them to find a mate equally as strong. When they meet Charice, her magic calls to them. Only she can help complete their Mystical Triad, the binding ritual that increases all of their magic abilities. One that involves a lot of power and a lot of sex. Can the Alpha Warlocks convince her they're better as a threesome in both power and love?

This 13,000+ word story is the first of the Alpha Warlocks of Kala West interlinked series but can be read as standalone. It has strong sexual situations and explicit content. Mature and brave readers only.

Excerpt of The Alpha Warlocks’ Claim
This transportation thing was getting dizzying. Saying the words had taken Charice further down the beach and away from the party. Thank the goddess for that.
The only light around came from the moon that drenched her. It wasn’t full, but strong light flowed down from it.
“I shouldn’t have doubted you,” someone said behind her.
She recognized his voice immediately. Her body relaxed at the thought of being so near him. She could sense his power along with another. She turned to face the men who were her warlocks. Across from her stood both Kye and Warren. Her warlocks. The more she thought it, the more natural it sounded.
If she thought they were sexy before, she was mistaken.
Moonlight made them primal, and their power radiated off of them in bursts. Warren’s shirt hung open to reveal perfect abs, toned muscles, and skin that begged to be touched. His hair hung around his face, and she thought about it dropping over her as he bent down to kiss her and claimed her mouth.
Kye was just as dreamy with his shirt completely gone. He was nothing but muscle and hotness.  
Her mind drifted to her licking that chest and roaming over his nipples to test his sensitivity with her lips.
Charice closed her eyes to regain focus. “What did you say?”
“I shouldn’t have doubted you,” Kye said. He slowly made his way toward her as he spoke. “Warren knew. He could tell just by looking at you, touching you.” 
He was so close that his body hovered over her and his mouth so near that she could feel his breath. He smelled like the heated Gulf.
Charice stared up at him in awe. An overwhelming need to have him kiss her swept over her like the waves crashing nearby.
“And now?” she asked.
Kye’s hand cupped her chin and forced her to stare in those deep blue eyes. “Now, I know you’re ours. Forever.” He wasted no time before claiming her mouth. 
After the initial surprise passed, Charice’s body molded to his. The feel of him emitted power and sex. Kye’s magic spread from his lips and danced over her skin. His tongue taunted hers and picked up a rhythm that commanded she follow. Her hands dug into his arms to hold her body steady. He felt right and all hers.
She could feel their magic testing each other, attempting to merge together to make something mighty and new.
But shouldn’t she be fighting this? 
Someone came from behind her and nuzzled her neck. She didn’t have to turn to know it was Warren. His power joined with theirs, hovering around their melded bodies. Her pussy ached from the sensation and would have knocked her down if it wasn’t for the two powerful men supporting her. These two men trapping her between them. Their aura radiated off them and into her. They were strangers, and already she was ready to roll around naked with them. Among other things.

About Auriella Skye

Auriella Skye dreams of becoming a powerful goddess and creating a whole pantheon of gods to do her naughty bidding. Until then, she happily spends her time weaving those fantasies into the erotic and fun tales that she enjoys reading as much as writing. She loves creating characters and worlds filled with the wonderful stuff reality lacks. Auriella resides in Central Florida and spends her days and nights surrounded by words in their various, spectacular forms.

Connect with Auriella Skye

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Cover Reveal! Brooks by Chelsea M. Cameron


Today we are revealing the cover for BROOKS by Chelsea M. Cameron. This book is a new adult, contemporary romance novel. It kicks off the new standalone series, Benson Brothers. It is currently up for exclusive pre-order on iBooks.


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BROOKS by Chelsea M. Cameron Benson Brothers #1 / Releasing June 28th

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Pre-order Now




Brooks Benson is bored, stuck and miserable. When both his parents were unable to continue running the variety store, he dropped out of college and came back home to help. It’s been almost two years and he’s tired of making pizzas and selling scratch tickets to the locals of Hope Harbor, Maine. But as the second oldest Benson brother, he’s the one that stepped up. Now all he can see is a gray future in front of him.

Remington “Remi” Tate is disappointed, frustrated and out of options. After dropping out of college and trying to make a go of it in New York, she’s forced to come back home to live with her parents in Hope Harbor. Totally humiliating. Things are looking pretty grim until she starts baking again and runs into Brooks when she visits Benson Variety to ask if they’ll sell her whoopie pies, cakes, and cookies.

What was once a high school crush is now something much more mature that hits both of them like a ton of bricks. Brooks is game, as long as they keep things physical. which is just fine with Remi. She’s not planning on sticking around Hope Harbor forever and Brooks is definitely a lifer. They’re just two different to ever build something that could last.

Life rarely goes according to plan and what starts as just sex soon turns into something that splashes color into their once-drab lives. For the first time, they find peace and security in one another. But will it last? Or will everything crumble into pieces, leaving them with nothing?



One family. Seven people. A whole lot of love and a whole lot of drama.

Everyone in Hope Harbor Maine knows the Benson family: six sons, one daughter. They live by one rule: Family comes first.

The Benson Brothers series will be seven books, all standalones that can be read individually, or in order.


Author’s note: 

I’ve been DYING to write a series all in one family. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my favorite musical of all time and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to write seven stories all from the same family? As an only child, one of my favorite things to explore is sibling relationships. I also saw a gap in stories about working-class people in the New Adult category, which was another reason I wanted to write this. It’s also an ode to Coastal Maine, where I grew up and still live. I wanted to write books that were steeped in salt water and sweat. Books about people who work hard and love hard. I’m so excited about this series and I hope you will be too.



Pre-order Now




5752359Chelsea M. Cameron is a New York Times/USA Today Best Selling author from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car, tweeting (this one time, she was tweeted by Neil Gaiman) and playing fetch with her cat, Sassenach. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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Teaser Reveal! Everywhere and Every Way (The Billionaire Builders) by Jennifer Probst



Today we are showing off some teasers from EVERYWHERE AND EVERY WAY by Jennifer Probst. This is the first in her new series The Billionaire Builders. The book will be released on May 31st and it is currently up for pre-order.


Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay




Everywhere and Every Way


Hot on the heels of her beloved Marriage to a Billionaire novels, New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst nails it with her sexy new series featuring red-hot contractor siblings who give the Property Brothers a run for their money!

Caleb Pierce always dreamed of running the family’s luxury contracting business. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb share control with his estranged younger brothers. Things grow more complicated when icy home designer Morgan hires Caleb to build a customized dream house that matches her specifications to a T—or she’ll use her powerful connections to poison the brothers’ reputation. Always up for a challenge, Caleb soon discovers he’s not the only one who knows how to use a stud-finder. In fact, Morgan is pretty sure she’s found hers—and he looks damn enticing in a hard hat. As sparks fly between Morgan and Caleb despite his best intentions not to mix business with pleasure, will she finally warm up and help him lay the foundation for everlasting love?



Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay



Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst - Bio: 

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She took a short hiatus to get married, get pregnant, buy a house, get pregnant again, pursue a master’s in English Literature, and rescue two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

She makes her home in Upstate New York with the whole crew. Her sons keep her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean.

She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, was ranked #6 on Amazon's Best Books for 2012. She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Newsletter

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Chapter Reveal! Dirty Sexy Secret by Nazarea Andrews


Today we are having a chapter reveal for DIRTY SEXY SECRET by Nazarea Andrews. This book will release May 30th. Dirty Sexy Secret is an adult contemporary romance, standalone novel, that is the first in the brand new series - Green County.


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00060]



Even when you know better….

There are a million reasons why Hazel Campton is off limits: she’s a journalist. I’m a cop. Oh, and she’s my foster sister.
My secret is I didn’t care. I haven’t stopped wanting her since I slept with her the night before she left.
She’s trouble. Always has been.

It’s hard to resist the thing you’ve always wanted… 

Growing up with Brandon Archer means I know him. Good. Bad. Everything in between.
It’s just never mattered.
My secret? That night. The one I stole, that’s kept me from Archer and Green County, for four years.
Now I’m home, and nothing has changed. Except me. And not in the way that means a damn thing.
Because I still want him.

Everything can change with a knock at the door…

Secrets. Everyone has them. Archer. Me. This town.
Perfection only runs surface deep in Green County. When there’s a knock at me door, it’s a familiar face all covered in danger, and all those secrets we hide? They’re about to come tumbling out.

The first in a sexy new series about Green County, and the people who serve there.  



Three killers, two cop, and a journalist walk into a bar.

Sounds like a bad joke, right? It's not.

It's the end--dear god I hope it's the end--of the worst two days of my life.

I just hope we all walk out alive.

Chapter 1.

Some people say you can't go home again.

And that is a complete pile of bullshit. You can. It just won't be home.

I should know. I did it.

Green County doesn't change. It's been four years since I bolted and six months since I sucked up all my pride and ego and came back. And it still struck me as strange. Green County was exactly the same. Same ridiculous festivals. Same leafy boulevards and parks filled with yoga moms and shrieking children. The same gossips line the coffee shop and eye me when I step in.

They'll chatter my every move to Eli later, cooing over him while warning that I was too skinny, too wild too rude too too too. They did the same thing in high school. It was just as fucking annoying then as it is now.

Nothing changed in Green Co. If you want change you go somewhere else and you let it wrap you up tight and fight like hell to keep from being dragged back.

Eli gets pissy when I say shit like that. But Eli never left Green Co. Never felt the need to get out, to see and shape the world. He's always been more than happy to see and shape the County.

And you know, he was right. He was good at it. I loved that he cared so much about Green Co. That he wanted to save the little Kansas county from itself.

Someone had too.

I flash the ladies a smile as I order two extra-large iced coffees. Cindy grins at me, punching in the order and adding a slice of banana bread and her boxed lunch.

“Long day, Hazel?”

I grin, a half quirk of my lips that passes as a grin these days. “It’s a day ending in Y, Cins. Those are always long.”

She gives me a smirk that tips toward worry. “You need a day off, sugar.”

I make a face, and drop a twenty on the counter as I take my order. “I don’t even know what I’d do with that much free time.”

She arches an eyebrow at me and I grin at her.

“Hazel, my love,” Gabe says, sailing through the door of the coffee shop as I turn away from the counter.

I swallow the grin before it twists into a smirk. “Gabriel,” I say, almost frosty and he laughs.

Smug bastard.

“We should carpool, love, if we’re going to keep meeting like this. Save the planet and all.”

“Because you care so much about the damn planet,” I scoff, and he makes a face, all wounded dignity.

The problem with that face is that I know Gabe. I've known him my whole life.

Gabe is everything I ran away from when I left Green County. Everything I wanted to forget. The smirk that means trouble and the too sharp eyes that sees right through my quick easy lies and watches with concern when I isolate.

Fucking bastard is my neighbor. He's too damn close for comfort and too damn nosy for his own good.

And coming from an investigative journalist, that's pretty fucking nosy.

"I've got work, Gabe. So as much as I'd love to spar," I shift my boxes and nod at the door.

"Hazy," he says, and it draws me up. Because once, we were friends. We were impossibly close. He was my rock, and I threw him away. Because I was so fucking determined. To be more. To get out. I fucked up and I ran, and I left Gabe behind with all my other mistakes.

I always regretted that. Hurting Gabe.

"Wine night?" he asks, slightly pleading, and I flinch, falling back a step.

It's still too soon for that shit. And he sees it in my eyes.

His smile dips, just a little. Just enough that I notice. Because I know him better than he knows himself, and I can read his sadness in the line of his shoulders.

"Maybe next week," I offer, shuffle stepping closer to the door. Aware of all the church ladies watching, and Cindy, standing at the counter, her lips pulled down in a frown, and worry.

And Gabe shrugs it off. Beams at me like a fucking lunatic, and nods.

Gives me the out.

I flash him a quick smile and move toward the door, and he steps to the side, giving me a sardonic smile.

Because he's Gabe.

And this is Green County.

And nothing here changes. Not really.

The door opens and Brandon Archer steps through, all long legs and wide shoulders and a face that’s so fucking pretty it’s almost painful. His green eyes, so expressive and alive find me, and go blank. And I almost drop my bags.

Because if there was ever a mistake I made, it was him.

Eli steps in a half step behind, and a half foot taller, all big smiles and big shoulders and big hands. My brother is big everything.

His eyes brighten when he sees me and he pushes past Archer to wrap me in a hug.

It’s been about twelve hours since I saw my foster brother, so of course he’s tackle hugging me in CinSations. While Archer watches, those moss green eyes probing me. I squeak and Elijah relinquishes me reluctantly. I drive an elbow in his gut. “Dumbass. You spill my coffee, you replace it.”

He doesn’t even blink. He just shoots a quick look at Archer, an eyebrow quirked in question.

Because of course they don’t talk. How silly. Why would they?

See—this right here? This is why I left. Because I can’t handle seeing the epic fucking bromance that is Elijah Beasley and Brandon fucking Archer.

I shift, and Archer smiles, a slow curling thing that I want to smack off his face. “Hazel, sugar, you need a hand?”

My smile feels more feral than sweet, and his eyes are sparkling, that fucking amused she’s so cute light I’ve seen for so many years. “Thanks, but Gabe is helping me. Right?” I side eye my friend who gives me this extravagant bow that doesn’t say, you just blew me off.

Thank Christ for Gabe.

I twist and give Archer a smug smile. “Have a good day, Officer.”

Gabe snorts at that as he takes my bag and one of my coffees. I think I’m in the clear. That I’m safe, and out of the danger zone that is Archer.

And then his hand closes around my arm, and it pulls me to a stop.

He’s always been ridiculously able to pull me to a complete stop with almost nothing. “You can’t hide in that farmhouse forever, Hazel,” he murmurs, and I flush.

Damn fair skin. A blush is too fucking easy to see and he’s always been too fascinated with pulling them from me. I can almost feel the low chuckle he gives as he lets me go, and I fall back a step.

It’s a retreat, and that’s just another reason I scowl at him. “Tell Eli I’m making dinner on Sunday. Mama Nora is coming over.” I push past him and Gabe slips an arm around my shoulder, ignoring Archer’s sharp spike in tension. “You aren’t invited,” I add, all sugar sweet. And then I’m gone.

“Tension between you and Green Co’s finest, love?” He asks, and I should. I know I shouldn’t, but I relax into him, for a moment. Let all the years and time and secrets fall away and let him be my friend. Just for a moment.

“I’m not ready for this, Gabe,” I murmur, and he pushes a blond curl out of my eyes, watching me with those strange honey warm eyes of his. And then he nods.

“Ok. Not now. But we will talk. Soon. I just painted a target on my back and Archer’s never liked me to begin with. You owe me.”

I huff out a breath, and let my gaze dart up to him. Gabe gives me a patient, waiting look and I nod.

Because apparently things do change.

Gabe can grow up, even just a little.

“Ok. Tomorrow.” I say, and he nods. Brushes a kiss over my hair and hands me my bags as I slide into my truck.

And then he stands there, watching, braced between me and CinSations as I drive away. He was my best friend, a lifetime ago before I fucked up everything.

I wonder if maybe he could be again.




Nazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories. When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binging watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.


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The Portal (An Afterlife Novella) by Isabel Brann

The Portal

He’d always been her nemesis… 

Quiet, solemn Amelia Mason never expected or wanted to become the Portal. But with her older brother’s death, she no longer has an option. Branded by Fate, the Portal is the human bridge between this world and the next. Her duty? To help lingering spirits cross to the afterlife. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her new job comes with a Guardian: Kyle Grant, the one man she can’t stand and the one who will stop at nothing to protect her.

… or so she’d always thought.

In order to defeat an evil spirit hunting the flatlands of Venezuela, Kyle and Amelia are going to have to put their dislike aside and work together as Portal and Guardian should. That is, if they can control the sizzling sexual tension between them.

Will they surrender to desire before it’s too late? Or will the madness of a long-dead man tear them apart forever?

Can the heat of passion burn brighter than the fear of loss?

Includes an excerpt from the first book in the Therian series.

Read an excerpt:
Tilting his head, he deepened the kiss and she trembled in his arms, releasing a low moan. He growled at the needy sound, the beast inside him awakening again. He wanted to lay her on the grass, spread her legs wide and lick his way to… 
“AH!” She broke the kiss jumping to wrap her legs around his waist with a terrified scream. Her arms squeezed his neck as she yelled again, right in his ear this time.

“What the hell, Amelia?” he asked, his voice husky and a little breathless.

“Something… something touched my leg! Something huge!”

He went from annoyed to Guardian in two seconds flat. Stepping back toward the tree to cover their backs with her still in his arms, he looked around protectively, his body taut and ready to spring to action.

When he saw the culprit, however, he relaxed, a chuckle leaving his lips, “You’re right, Princess. That thing is very scary.” His hands squeezed her ass and she lifted her head from where she had buried it in his neck to glare at him.

“Stop squeezing my butt, this is not the right time. There’s a beast out there wanting to eat me.”
He laughed, resting against the tree. She had an obsession with creatures wanting to devour her, but to be honest, the only being around that wanted to eat her, was him. “Don’t move, Princess. He’ll smell your fear.” 
Narrowing her eyes at the mirth in his tone, she turned her head as much as she could to warily look behind her. He studied the creature too, grinning at how funny-looking it was. It was bigger than a pig and looked like the love child of a rat and a beaver. It also seemed to be grinning at them. See? He could get one of those as a pet and be just fine, but a Chihuahua? Shudder. 
When she realized she wasn’t in any true danger, she groaned. Kyle could almost taste her embarrassment.

“You can, uh, put me down,” she mumbled.

“I like you right where you are.” 
Apparently, she was not all that unhappy herself because she didn’t argue but instead asked, “What is that thing?” 
“A capybara. Haven’t you ever seen one? I watched a National Geographic documentary on YouTube about anacondas in Venezuela. The suckers are huge and eat our little rodent friend here. They can’t consume it by pieces so after cutting their air supply, they dislodge their jaws to swallow the whole capybara. It’s really cool.” 
“That was way too graphic and did little to reassure me, Kyle,” she said, looking around with concern, probably trying to find an anaconda intent on murdering them.

“I wasn’t trying to. You should be scared. Very scared. In fact, squeeze those legs tighter around me. For… protection, you know?” 
She snorted, resting her cheek on his shoulder, “And you’re going to protect me how? Your dick seems big enough where I am feeling it.” She rubbed herself a little on it, and he let out a sharp gust of breath. “But not big enough to beat an anaconda to death.” 
He laughed, nuzzling her ear with contentment. “Nonbeliever.”

About Isabel Brann

Isabel is a Venezuelan author who writes steamy, warm, funny paranormal romance. Ghosts, shifters, mythological creatures? That's her jam!

When she was three year old, she wrote and amazed (she likes to think so anyway) her grandparents with a fairy tale about mice (of all things!) and that started it all. Since then she became a voracious reader and majored in Classical languages and literature. She hates mosquitoes almost as fiercely as she hates lettuce. She loves Broadway plays (The Phantom is her favorite), chocolate (in all its forms), Epic movies (Gerard Butler in Spartan warrior clothes), Greek mythology, Henry the Gato, and hearing from readers so feel free to contact her.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sailing on Neptune by Charlotte Evans

Sailing on Neptune

When Emily finished with her ex-boyfriend, she needed a holiday. With her best friend Cally, they board the exquisite cruise liner, The Pearl of Neptune, with plans to spend two weeks sunbathing, sipping sangrias and forgetting about life.

But what she didn’t plan on was falling in love with Tom, the hunky gym instructor. Or that from the very first moment she sets her eyes on him, her life would change…forever. Venturing on the beautiful Caribbean seas and surrounded by luxury, they remain unaware of the dangers lurking around them.

Yet as they sail into perilous waters and the vengeance of Tom’s chequered family history catches up with him, can they rewrite the past to spend their future together?

Available on Amazon

About Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans writes contemporary romance and erotica novellas. Her latest book 'Lectures in Love' is a forbidden romance between a teacher and his young adult student. She is also the author of a three part series of contemporary romance novellas; 'Sailing on Neptune', 'Sailing in Paradise' and 'Sailing on Venus' along with two shorter stories, 'Diary of a Department Store Girl' and 'The Day of Arrival'.

Charlotte lives in Cheshire, England and in her leisure time she enjoys reading, writing, travelling and discovering new worlds and adventures upon which to mould her characters and stories.