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Interview with Paul T. Harry, author of 'The Garden'

Today, I would like to thank author Paul T. Harry for taking some time to answer questions about himself and his new book 'The Garden.' To enter the giveaway, click on "Rafflecopter" below.

What was the inspiration behind 'The Garden'?

When I ran across the original treatise depicting the story of Adam and Eve I was completely floored. Here was a depiction of Adam and Eve unlike anything I had ever heard or read, and I was immediately captivated by the drama and the humanity that lay within the tale. It immediately set my mind to wandering on what it must've been like for these two individuals to be sent here to Earth on a mission of staggering complexity and personal commitment. I mean, really, to enter into an agreement with God, to pledge themselves to the task of overseeing the development of mankind, with the goal of raising the consciousness of an entire species—what a story. It had everything, love, sex, betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption—all the great making of a movie or novel. All that was missing was a voice, someone who saw the story for what it was and wanted to bring these two people to life. And that's what I felt I had to do—I had to give this couple of voice. I had to bring them to life and retell the story of their lives as it really happened.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

First and foremost I want people to enjoy the story. Second, I want to open people's eyes to the possibility that there's more to the story of Adam and Eve than we ever imagined. And third, I want to amaze the reader by giving them a looking glass into the time and place that fully embraces where our ancestry began—a historical recreation explaining how the Cro-Magnon came into existence 40,000 years ago and how that event changed everything forever.

Did you find yourself relating to any particular character?

Most definitely—for this story to succeed I had to relate to both the main characters. I had to understand both Adam and Eve intimately if I was going to be successful in writing their biography. These two individuals had complex lives. They were not simple bumpkins who merrily went along with some simple plan to procreate the beginning of man on this planet. They were forced to endure a great deal and to flesh out these two characters it was necessary to understand the psyche of both of them. I needed to know what made them tick, what their strengths and weaknesses were, and I had to emphasize with both the male and female aspects of their thought processes.

What other projects do you currently have in the works?

I have another story that I've been toying with—a screenplay I want to turn into a novel. It's entitled Nanovision and it's the story of a young man named Daniel who is blinded and left for dead during a mob hit. Placed within the witness protection program by the FBI, Daniel is sent to northern California to live with an aunt he barely knows. Unbeknownst to him, his aunt is a scientist and CEO of a nano technology and a kook. Through experimentation the aunt give Daniel his sight back, but that is only the beginning.

You have written novels, screenplays, and short stories. Do you prefer one type over the other?

At this point in time I enjoy writing novels. I have Amazon to thank for that. They have leveled the playing field for authors.

What is your favorite work you have ever created?

THE 5 MOONS OF TIIANA, The Chronicles Rez Cantor. It is a fun, adventure filled saga about a man, given incredible obstacles to overcome, a Princess to save, and an empire to defeat. It was a blast to write (also available on Amazon) and I loved every minute.

How does your career as a music producer have an influence over your writing?

Not much anymore. It seems my music writing and producing occurred eons ago, and while it's something I treasure it's in the past where it will remain.

When not writing, what can you be found doing?

Mainly, I’m trying to keep up with everything that needs to be done—home, family, and bills.

What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?

I have made my living in the gaming industry for 35 years dealing Craps, Blackjack, and other casino games, and yet I am not a gambler—it bores me to death. I work too hard for my money to throw it away on games of chance.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes. While I realize that my story of Adam and Eve may step on some toes that is not my intention. My story is simply an alternative to the one that is told in Genesis. It is a story that offers a blending of both scientific fact and religious lore. To some that may seem offensive, I certainly hope not. However, I would like to offer one point of reprieve. After reading this novel, go take a look at Genesis, read what it says and see for yourself if all the chapters and phrases don't make a little more sense. If you do you may understand the biblical story supports mine and it may give you a deeper understanding of what happened back then. Either way, enjoy thank you.

Author Bio

Paul T. Harry attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as an English major with a theater arts minor before beginning his career as a writer and music producer. He also worked as an editor with Second Avenue Songwriter’s magazine and has spent the last 30 years writing novels, screenplays and short stories. Paul is married with four children and resides in Gold Canyon, outside Phoenix.


Website http://5moons.com/index.html

Twitter https://twitter.com/RezCantor

Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6423562.Paul_T_Harry


Nearly every religion and society in the world today begins with the story of Adam and Eve. And yet, this most basic story is couched in mysticism, myth, and vague detail. Did such a couple really exist? Were they the first man and woman on our planet, or is there more to the story?

For two hundred thousand years the Neanderthal race ruled Earth, then mysteriously, 40,000 years ago they disappeared forever leaving behind a new race of people -- the Cro-Magnon. Why? What happened back then that changed our history forever?

The Garden of Eden -- a perfect home built and designed for two people until the serpent arrived. Who was the serpent? And what was he doing there in the first place? Is there a chance that the serpent is actually a reference to some hidden sexual transgression?

Imagine traveling billions of light years across space to settle an unknown world populated by primitive barbarians. Imagine being alone, just you and your spouse, the two of you in charge of an entire world with only your faith and your mission to guide you -- and, of course, the devil waiting for that fatal mistake.

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