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Read an exclusive excerpt from 'His Wicked Dream' by Adrienne deWolfe

His Wicked Dream
by Adrienne deWolfe



Haunted by scandal, Eden Mallory is determined to start over in a small Kentucky town. But she won't soon forget the sexy, rugged doctor who rescued her from an outlaw, then rode off into the storm.

After losing his kid-brother to consumption, Dr. Michael Jones is obsessed with saving lives. He has no room for love or a wife. But the nights are lonely, and Eden haunts his dreams.

When Eden becomes his backdoor neighbor, she turns his world upside-down with her unconventional healing skills and sweet temptations. Then outlaws return, forcing Michael to confront his past if he is to save the most precious life of all.


Read an exclusive excerpt:
The Rescue

As if to signal the end of their conversation, Michael began hammering a nail with a vengeance.

Wincing at the sound, Eden crawled up on a stool to complete a grocery order before the general store closed. The perch was awkward with its wobbling three legs, but she needed its extra height to reach the onion sack on the top shelf.

"Blast," she muttered when her fingers fell short of their mark. She glanced hopefully over her shoulder. Michael was busy cranking a wrench and didn't appear to have the slightest inkling of her dilemma.

"Um, Michael? Do you think you could—"

"Help you?" he finished for her, testing the window handle he had just repaired. "I was wondering if you were too stubborn to admit you weren't tall enough."

Ooh. Eden fumed. So he had been aware of her dilemma!

"Never mind," she retorted. "I may not be tall, but I'm resourceful." Grabbing a nearby wall hook, she leveraged herself higher, testing the strength of a shelf with her foot.

"Eden," Michael warned.

"Pray go back to grousing. I'm sorry I disturbed you."

"Don't be a fool."

She heard his boots thumping behind her, and she glared over her shoulder. "Michael Jones, you stay right where you are. I don't need your—"

She was interrupted by an insidious cracking. The hook twisted in her hand. Suddenly, the mounting ripped from the wall, and she gasped, flailing through a hail of plaster. She made a desperate grab for a shelf; the stool heaved, throwing her sideways. She might have crashed to the floor if her breasts hadn't struck Michael's shoulders first. His arms clamped over her waist, and she "oomphed," sliding down his torso.

For a suspended moment in time, she was locked in his embrace. Her heart hammered madly against his chest; her feet dangled helplessly beneath her. All she could see in that instant were his eyes, two molten pools of sapphire, so hot and hungry they consumed her senses, flushing her skin with fever.

She gulped, her breath rattling in her throat like dried leaves.

"Th-thank you."

His lashes fanned downward, inky spikes that did little to impede the radiant heat of his gaze. His hands were reassuring but titillating too as they spanned her waist. If she hadn't been so convinced that the man disliked her, she might have wondered at his delay, as minute as it was, in lowering her to the ground.

"Are you hurt?" he asked in a tone that was too throaty to be medically professional.

His breadth blocked out everything at this proximity, everything but the lightning-swift charge that seemed to leap from his belly into hers. She had little doubt that he'd felt their fireworks, because when she tilted her head to gaze past his stubbled chin, she glimpsed the answering flame in his cheeks.

"I... don't think so."

Really. What was the matter with her, letting the man's presence electrify her nerves? She was trying not to make a sensation in Blue Thunder. She prayed that Michael didn’t remember her the way she remembered him – and that he didn’t know about the past she was trying to flee.

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Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 best-selling author and the recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year for Texas Wildcat (Book 3, Wild Texas Nights) and Doubleday’s Book of the Month Selection for His Wicked Dream (Book 2, Velvet Lies.) Adrienne is excited to announce that she will be donating a portion of her royalties from the Velvet Lies Series to urban reforestation efforts.

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a weekly blog about dragons, magic, and the paranormal at to help her research her upcoming paranormal romance series. She also writes a weekly blog featuring tips about the business of writing at She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques with her book coaching services.

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  1. Howdy, Andrea! So grateful to be touring HIS WICKED DREAM on your beautiful website! I look forward to chatting with you and your readers!

  2. Loved the excerpt! This series is my kind of reading. I can't wait to get it. I am entering under the name of Virginia

    1. Hi, Virginia! So delighted you like my spunky heroine. (And Eden really DOES need to be spunky to tame Michael. That Alpha Male is quite a handful!) Looking forward to chatting with you more throughout the tour. Hugs!

  3. I enjoyed this excerpt; the tension by Michael and Eden is getting thick enough to cut!


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