Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Cave of Captive Hearts' by Maggie Raine


They were trapped undersea in an uncharted cave. Their need to escape was becoming more urgent by the moment, but would they find something that they needed more? In Cave of Captive Hearts, author Maggie Raine weaves a wonderful romantic suspense thriller set in a Caribbean island paradise.

Professor Eugene Thornsby...
The recognized leader in his chosen field of oceanographic archaeology. His reputation for having an unusual mix of demanding, demeaning, and charisma earned him the nickname “Thorny” from both those that liked him and those that didn’t. His one love was the sea now, but it hadn’t been his only love. As he and his crew prepared for their first dive of the season to study the effects of offshore wave action near a small island in the Caribbean, the new researcher he had just hired was demanding everyone’s attention in more ways than one.

...and Dr. Marielle Farnan...
A passion for everything coral started with a childhood visit to the aquarium in her hometown of Chicago, and her new position on this crew would give her an excellent opportunity to gain the valuable experience she needed. Everything she had achieved was the result of the blue-collar Midwest up-bringing she received from her parents. She was tough and she knew what she wanted, but romantic relationships had always seemed to take a backseat to her hard work ethic.

...and a Dangerous Lapse in Judgment
For Professor Eugene Thornsby and Dr. Marielle Farnan, the depths of the ocean below held a fate that neither of them could have imagined. Their knowledge, training and instincts would be tested and stretched beyond their limits as they battled each other and their surroundings. In their struggle they found that their need to escape was not the only need they both shared, it was something else they never expected. Ultimately one of them would make a decision that could mean the difference between life and death. Could they escape in time before something terrible happened, something that neither of them wanted to happen, especially now…?

Read an excerpt:
“The Professor shined the flashlight around but the settling debris cut off the beam the same way fog does to headlights on land. Treading water slowly he hoped to feel Marielle moving nearby. Thankfully, he thought, she was not a graceful swimmer and he could feel her wild kicking ahead of him. Sure enough, he reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her into the tiny beam of light. He tried to calm her, squeezing her arm to get her to look at him but she just wouldn’t remain still.

She wanted to get back to the entrance and see if there was even a tiny speck of light coming through that she might be able to push herself out of. She pointed frantically in the direction of where the cave opening used to be. But, calmly the Professor patted her shoulder. Keeping the beam of light close in between them he pointed it in the direction opposite what was the cave entrance. The light bounced off the tunnel walls around them and they could see what they thought was the floor, but the light was completely swallowed when he aimed it at the opening. For just a second they hovered there, looking into this daunting abyss.”

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About the author:
Maggie Raine has always been an avid reader of romance novels and stories. As an empty-nester, she’s taken the opportunity to turn her love for reading into a passion for writing. She’s been married to her husband for over 30 years, and they enjoy spending time with their children and their families.

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