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Dragon Lore 101 by Eden Ashe, author of 'The Dragon's Heart'

“We’re dragons. We don’t do the mushy friend thing.” – Daniel

As a writer, I’m supposed to know my world and my characters inside and out. So I study them. I get to know them. I *gasp* talk to them. I know their quirks, their mannerisms, their likes and dislikes before I ever sit down to write them.

I knew everything there was to know about Daniel when I decided to write his story. I knew he was quiet. Seriously, he hates to talk, and he never, ever smiles. To make it more difficult, and so much more fun for me, he decided he wanted the most famous woman in the world. The A-list actress, Shelby Kincade.

I knew all of this going in. I knew it all as I opened the blank document, only for him to toss me the most epic curveball of my life: he’s a dragon. And not just a dragon, but the dragon. As in the king. As in thousands of years old, Dragon King.

Okay, I can work with this. I think. Well, I hope. I mean, how hard could it be?

Pretty darn hard, if you ask me. Why? Because Daniel really doesn’t like to talk. But, Shelby, the feisty little hellion, took my frustration, turned it upside down, and showed me how much fun I could have with learning Daniel’s world.

In fact, I’ll let you read her reaction to Daniel’s bombshell. In this little snippet, Daniel has just saved her life. The last time they saw each other, after a night of mind-blowing sex, both their worlds exploded. Now, a year later, they’re both still picking up the pieces, only to be thrust together again.


If he hadn’t ignored her demand for answers, freaking her out more than a little, she would have felt sorry for him. “Just so you know, Daniel, if I don’t know what’s going on, none of this is really happening.” She raised her brow in a dead-on imitation of the look he was currently giving her. “No way am I agreeing to be married, or mated, or whatever it is you think we’re doing here. Got it?”

“I’m a dragon.”

She gave him a slow, measured blink before she moved in. She pointed up at him. “Fine, keep making jokes, dragon boy, but I’m not kidding. None of this is happening until I know what the hell is going on.”

Luca choked as the muscle under Daniel’s left eye began to twitch. When she stood there, refusing to let him intimidate her, he took a step closer. Then another, until his massive body had her caged against the couch. She hadn’t even realized he’d walked her in a half circle as he’d stalked her. He slammed his hands on either side of her hips, leaving her with no way of escape.

His lip lifted in a sneer, his eyes deadlocked on hers. “Cut the act. It’s getting old, and I’m not buying it.” Closing her eyes, Shelby counted to ten very slowly. Out loud. When she finally opened them, she stuck her face right in his. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she yelled.

His hands clenched, the huge, corded, bulging muscles of his arms flexed, and his Mack truck shoulders tightened. White-hot violence flashed in his eyes.

Then, as proof she had a concussion or was seriously hallucinating, his pupils lengthened to slits. His jaw tensed as the blood drained from her face, but in the second it took her to blink, his eyes were back to normal.

Not the same for her heart rate. She wasn’t hallucinating. She knew it. If she was dreaming of Daniel, this is not what they’d be doing. So, concussion it was. It was the only explanation.

The Dragon’s Heart
Dragon Lore Series
Book One

by Eden Ashe

Genre: urban fantasy romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc
Date of Publication: January 6, 2014
ISBN: 1493740148
Number of pages: 198
Word Count: 76000
Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

Book Description:

“We’re dragons. We don’t do the mushy friend thing.” - Daniel

The dragon-shifter king will do anything to keep his mate alive…even if it means war.

After millennia as king of the dragon-shifters, Daniel Ashborne wants a little peace and quiet, especially from the beautiful Hollywood starlet who haunts his memories. His escape tactics end abruptly when he is called to the ER to save the one woman he wants to forget, but who now bears his mark.

Shelby Kincade’s life and movie career were nearly destroyed when Daniel vanished a year ago. Now he’s back, claiming they have been accidentally mated. Getting over him once was hard enough, but she must choose either the life of her dreams or the man she can’t live without. With peace finally on the horizon between the dragon-shifters and the Hunters, an assassination attempt on the dragon king and his mate shatters everything. Tensions rebuild as Daniel and his loyal team of shifters try to discover who put out the hit. Enemy and ally lines are crossed, but in the end--after the battle ash has settled--no one could have foreseen who has plotted for their own gain.

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic fight scenes, lots of great sex, and hot, hot, hot dragon men. A Lyrical Press Urban Fantasy Romance

Available on Amazon

About the Author:

Convinced dragons have gotten a bad rep throughout time, and more than a little addicted to fairy tales and romance novels, Eden Ashe has decided to re-write history. In her version, the dragons are ancient warriors in tarnished armor, who not only deserve the girl in the end, but will fight forever for her.


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