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'Love on the Edge: Nine Shades of Romantic Suspense' ~ 9 novels ONE low price!


Nine shades of Romantic Suspense... Love and danger go hand-in-hand in this boxed set of nine full-length novels by nine award winning, bestselling authors. From second chances, explosive chases, and payback, to mob bosses, telepaths, and private investigators, we’ve got a story for the beach, the doctor’s office or a cozy evening at home.

~~EVER HOPEFUL by Lori Ryan~~

Fate and second chances... a woman running for her life takes refuge on a ranch with a compassionate man but she will need more than his tender touch and understanding heart when her past resurfaces, ensnaring her in a deadly web of deception, betrayal, and murder.

~~THE GOOD DAUGHTER by Diana Layne~~

FBI meets Mafia Princess. She owes her father for everything. For chaining her to the family business, for killing her fiancé, destroying her mother, and taking away a lifelong friend. Payback's a bitch.

Read an excerpt:

FBI meets Mafia Princess:

Dave sat up straighter when she entered the bar. Sandro had promised the
contact would have useful information and be immediately recognizable,
but he never specified male or female. Was this his informant? Carlo
Peruzzo's daughter. The Mafia princess herself.

Her gaze scanned the room until she saw him. Though her lips were pressed in a straight
line, a sparkle flashed in her eyes as if she knew just how she had
shocked him.Dave realized his heart rate had kicked up a few notches
when their eyes had locked. His jaw would have dropped if he hadn't been
the kind of guy trained not to show his emotions.

She walked purposefully toward him, making her way through the crowded tables.
Black designer jeans hugged nice curvy hips, and her full breasts were
covered with a pink plaid, pearl-button western shirt. Interesting color
choice. A leather belt wrapped around her waist, and his focus
narrowed. Best he could tell the belt was pink, too. And there were some
kind of pink jewels inlaid in the buckle.

He hid a smile. The only thing that would complete the color coordination was if she had
on-he looked down, yep, pink cowboy boots. Pretty-in-pink cowgirl-Mafia
princess. That certainly wasn't an image he expected to see. With her
head high, and her gaze fixed on him she seemed unaware-or unaffected-by
the attention she garnered. And she certainly got a fair share of
stares. He saw more than one man pause with a drink halfway to his
mouth, head swiveling to keep track as she walked past.

Dave had never seen the high-and-mighty Mafia daughter in anything other than
expensive business suits, with her hair pulled back and her makeup
understated, but tonight she wore this chic knock-off cowgirl look well.
With her dark wavy hair swinging free around her shoulders, her smooth
olive skin glowing, and lips a luscious color of pink to match as well,
she could raise the lust level in a saint.

Dave was no saint.

~~THE LAST ENEMY by Pauline Baird Jones~~

Romance, she wrote, not murder, but when she witnesses a murder and then her safe house is compromised, she has to craft a survival plot if she’s going to survive long enough to testify. On the run from guys good and bad, there’s no time for romance…or is there?

Read an excerpt:

The sun climbed slowly at first, finally springing free of the mountains to throw warm light across the park bench Dani had been sitting on since the first rush of adrenaline gave out. Dry air felt cool against her face, the polar opposite of New Orleans in August. It was pleasant to be dry instead of soggy, to sit gazing at a spare aspect rather than a lush one.
She wasn’t afraid. She had seen Dark Lord leave, chillingly confidant that he’d completed his bloody task. No, this was shock. She should know. She’d been here, done this when her baby died—
In a tree above her head, a bird trilled a cheerful morning song. Startled by the sound, Dani looked up at the tree and got blinded by the painful yellow halo of sun behind it.
It shouldn’t be there, not after what happened.
“Dismantle the sun, pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods: For nothing now can ever come to any good . . .”
The poem by Auden emerged from the past. Right for the moment, right to remember it now when she was once more a surprised survivor in life’s lottery. Richard had read it at Megan’s funeral ten years ago. There seemed a perverse symmetry in linking the poignant past to the painful present. Richard was such an important part of both, more so even than Steven, his brother, who was Meggie’s father and Dani’s ex-husband. Odd to know now, when it was too late, who was important and who wasn’t.
Odder to be alive when she should be dead. Three times should be out. Sure wasn’t a charm to find herself once again upright and looking at death. The three deaths swirled through her mind on the other side of shock’s cushion, beckoning her to join them where fear and pain no longer ruled. Soon . . .
She heard a muted roar as a fire engine trundled the length of the park across from her, then turned ponderously into the flow of traffic. She had watched it arrive. Now it was leaving, followed by the ambulance carrying the bodies of the men and woman who had died to keep her alive.
When it was out of sight, she picked up her backpack from the park bench with the same automatic reflex that made her grab it from the closet floor and added it to the weight of their deaths on her shoulders.
Glad to still be in shock, she turned east, toward the rising sun and the cluster of skyscrapers that was downtown Denver.

~~HIDE'N GO SEEK by Dale Mayer~~

A twisted game of Hide’n Go Seek forces an unlikely alliance between a no-nonsense FBI agent and a search-and-rescue dog handler… with hidden psychic abilities.


Sometimes the guy is taught to do very bad things... When a Mafia Don’s daughter demands answers she ends up entangled with a trained assassin, and suddenly, she’s running for her life.

~~LOVE ME IF YOU CAN by Marie-Nicole Ryan~~

He is all business when it comes to running his family’s PI firm. But when a lovely detective comes to question him about his possible involvement in her cold case, he has everything but business on his mind. Like locking lips with the fiery redhead.

Read an excerpt:

Tess took another bite of pizza, her silver gaze never leaving his. “You going to help me out or not? Forbes is your client, after all.” Her voice rose and, again, heads turned in their direction.
“Calm down. I’d like to live long enough to walk you home…and maybe get a good-night kiss.”
Taking a deep breath, she leaned back and signaled everything was cool. “You want to walk me home and kiss me good-night? How sweet.”
Her soft tone mocked him, but he didn’t care.
“Like we’re high school sweethearts.” She wrinkled her nose, but her eyes shone with moderate good humor.
“Would you rather I said what I was really thinking?”
Her lashes fluttered briefly, then she eyeballed him directly. “Maybe. Depends on what you were really thinking.”
He lowered his tone a notch. “About pressing you up against the wall and having my way with you.”
For a second, her gray eyes flashed silver.
Damn. He was a goner—as in, he’d gone too far. Said too much. Too soon.
She leaned forward. “I’ll have you know I don’t engage in up-against-the-wall, wild animal sex on the first date, not that this is even a date.” Her tone was matter-of-fact, but her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. Maybe he could still pull his nuts out of the fire before they went up in smoke.
“A guy can always hope,” he said, without a chance in the world she wouldn’t kick him to the curb. Or have one of her fellow officers do the honors.
“A guy can hold his breath…until he turns purple.”
“I can see I’ve put my foot in it. I’m sorry… But damn, the sight of your mouth. Your skin. Your eyes. Dammit. You’re driving me up a wall.”
“Another reference to the wall? Would that be the same wall?”
“Bad choice of words.”


~~ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Margaret Taylor~~

A prominent LA Lawyer and a hot Hollywood actor fight off the Mob, uncover secrets worth dying for and make the ultimate sacrifice to answer the question, how far would you go?

~~MEANT FOR HER by Amy Gamet~~

A code only she can break... A military man only she was made for... And hiding in plain sight. A coded message brings them together, but its secrets hold the power to tear them apart forever.

~~DARING TO LOVE by Kathryn Jane~~

A woman who reads hearts… A man who reads minds… And a voice from the darkness forcing them together... again.

Read an excerpt:

Her eyes darkened like the ocean in a summer storm as she
battled the emotions. He waited. Watched her posture straighten, her shoulders
drop to a relaxed position. She wiggled her fingers as though to release the
tautness within.
“So, is this just a coincidence or are you here to pick me

“Want a ride somewhere?”

She stared out over the water, seemed totally lost in
thought for a long minute, maybe two, before she responded. “Why don’t you cut
to the chase and tell me what orders Mike gave you?”

Well, hell. That didn’t leave him much room to maneuver.
“Would you settle for the condensed version?”

She still didn’t spare him a look, but nodded.

“Find her, take her wherever she wants to go, and don’t be
an asshole.”

Liz smiled. “Well, that seems fairly straightforward, but I
don’t want a ride. I’m going to play tourist for the day. I’m officially on
leave until midnight. So you can toddle on back to your plane, and go away.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“About the asshole part?”

“You bring out the best in me.”

“Then I should stay away from you.”

He stepped into her space, and to her credit, she held her
ground. “We need to talk.” Only Liz could reduce him to saying those words and
meaning them. He grabbed her hand. “You can create a big fuss in front all
these nice people or you can pretend you want to come with me. Your call.”

9 full-length books for one low price!

About the authors:

Lori Ryan is a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance with a kick of suspense in each book. She lives in Austin with her extraordinarily patient husband, two beautiful children, two dogs, and a cat.

Wendy Ely is an award-winning, USA Today best selling author who writes some romantic suspense, really hot stories, and the wonderful happily-ever-after. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her own real-life hero, three teenagers, and two crazy cats. When she isn't busy writing new stories, she enjoys time outdoors by taking trips to the hot desert or swimming at the lake.

Amy Gamet is USA Today bestselling author and a former math teacher who learned writing about bad guys is a heck of a lot more fun than solving trigonometric equations. She has three kids, a house full of pets and laundry, and a handsome stud of a husband who regularly offers to model for her book covers.

Award winning author Marie-Nicole Ryan loves reading and writing about of sexy lawmen; PI's, FBI agents, police detectives, and even the odd sheriff or US marshal. And to make things more confusing, she can't resist adding a dose of family drama to the mix.

Award winning author Kathryn Jane loves the mysteries of extrasensory perception, the Pacific Ocean, the color turquoise, her two obnoxious cats, muttly, and her own frog, um, make that, Prince Charming. She loves writing about intrepid women and the men who dare to love them.

Dale Mayer is an international and USA Today bestselling author who never learned to write on the lines and now can't write in a box. Her stories explode across the genres providing hours of page-turning entertainment .

Diana Layne is an award-winning author of historical romance and contemporary suspense. A homeschooling mother of six, she balances her hours between nurturing her children and killing off bad guys.

Margaret Taylor currently lives in San Antonio, TX and is scratching post for her five cats. She is an avid writer, a novice photographer and enjoys all things paranormal and science fiction! Just ask her, she'll tell you! With a little something for everyone, if you visit her blog and ask nicely, she might be persuaded to post some tasty excerpts for many of her other projects! *Bring Cookies as payment please!*

Award winning author Pauline Baird Jones blames her love of fictional mayhem on her four brothers. She loves writing about strong women and the hot heroes smart enough to fall for them. When she's not going Godzilla on her characters, she is a wife, mom, and grandma.

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