Monday, September 1, 2014

'Advantage (The Rugby Heat Series)' by Arizona Grey


Warning: This book is not suitable for readers under 18+ years. It contains numerous encounters of a sensual nature, rampant desire, voyeurism, a mild threesome (or is that a foursome?), vanilla BDSM, and a shocking lack of any actual rugby games.

Adeline Winters vowed never to trust anyone again. Not with her body, and definitely, not with her heart. Then Justice Corban, captain of the USA national team, kicked a rugby ball at her, and literally brought her to knees. He has a way with his fists, with words, tropical flowers and chocolate pie - and a delicious determination to bring a woman to ecstasy in a multitude of ways - without sex. (The traditional penetrative kind, that is...) Does he have what it takes to break through Addie's defences and earn the tactical advantage? And can Addie bare more than her body to all Justice has to offer? Is her heart ready to love again?

Read Chapter 1:

Getting kicked in the stomach was not a good way to start her first semester at Frankling University decided Addie, as she gasped for air in a vacuum that had nothing but pain in it. She'd stumbled and sunk to her knees in the golden sunlight, clutching at her abdomen, trying to say something... anything -- but failing. She was vaguely aware of voices above her. Her friend Tina, fussing over her and onlookers making sympathetic noises. In the midst of the pain, Addie cringed inside as she thought about how stupid she must look.

How embarrassing is this?

One minute she'd been strolling through the cobbled esplanade amidst a throng of other students, while Tina talked her ear off. She'd idly noted the group of young men on the grassy field in the esplanade center, kicking a ball around. The next minute, a ball had appeared out of nowhere, hurtling straight for her. Tina yelped in surprise and Addie barely had time to register the missile was going to slam into her -- when it did. A sudden vicious force. It knocked all the air out of her so that she stumbled and then sank to her knees on the sharp cobblestones.

Tina bent over her. Panic making her Southern drawl even more pronounced "Ohmagosh Addie, ahhh you ahhhlright?"

Addie tried to speak but ended up only nodding instead. Unwelcome tears stung her eyes and she ducked her head down so nobody would see them. Bad enough she had to get kicked in the stomach in front of people in her first week at a new school -- she didn't need to add blubbering idiot to the mix.

Tina's concern shifted to outrage as she turned to confront the cause of the errant ball. "You asshole twats! Look what you've done to mah friend. Why don't you look where you're kicking that thing!"

On and on she went, berating people that Addie couldn't see. Tina on a rampage was a force to be reckoned with and Addie felt a twinge a sympathy for the target of her fury as Tina's high-pitched voice raged on and on.

And then a man's voice, a deep throaty rasping voice speaking with a placating tone. "I'm sorry miss. You're right. We should have been more careful. We were kicking the  rugby ball around and things got out of hand."

His voice was like hot caramel drizzled over roasted pecans. Lush and rich with a gravelly bite to it. And it had an unfamiliar accent, very slight but marking him as 'other', not American. It sent a shiver up Addie's spine. A tingling surprise. She tried to look up so she could see the owner of the voice but the sun was in her eyes, so she went back to trying to breathe.

Air, I need air. Shit I'm gonna die. She could see her tombstone now. Death by rugby ball. The thought made her want to giggle but it hurt too much so she didn't. Instead she stayed kneeling and waited to hear what verbal damage Tina would inflict upon him next.

It didn't come. Instead Tina's voice softened to that breathy baby-girl tone that Addie hated. The one she reserved for picking up hot guys and angling for discounts at fashion stores. "Ah well, you shurr know how to apologize like a real gentleman. Aahm sure you didn't mean to hurt her. Mah friend's gonna be fine in just a minute, aren't you Addie?" She didn't wait for a reply, rushed on. "You're playing rugby? Ahh thought it was football?"

Another male voice jumped in eagerly. "No, we're rugby players. From New Zealand. We play for the USA team."

Tina was in full flirt mode now. Addie didn't need to see her to know she would be pushing her boobs out, tilting her head to one side and biting at her bottom lip. Traitor. That didn't take long. She was worried about me for all of what, -- five minutes? Bitch.

Then someone knelt beside her. "Miss, you need to stand and stretch out. Open your diaphragm to get the air in."

It was caramel pecan man. Addie turned her head to look at him -- and lost her breath all over again.

Holy honey, he's beautiful. 

He was close, so close she could taste him on the air between them. Green grass, sunshine, and a rushing wind through lemon trees. He was huge. Larger than life. Too big to take in all at once. Shirtless and sweaty with bold tattoos adorning his torso and left arm. Addie's thoughts were in a swirling chaos of confusion -- and not one she could blame entirely on the rugby ball assault. She couldn't take in all of him at once so she grabbed on to pieces. Salt taffy brown eyes soft with concern. Military style buzz cut. Golden brown skin taut on rippling muscles. A bone carving gleamed white against his chest, suspended from a leather rope. Abs. Holy honey, are they painted on? Ridged abs so clearly defined and so perfectly in symmetry with the rest of his chiselled tapestry of muscle that they couldn't possibly be real, could they?

Addie totally understood then why Tina had chucked her under the proverbial bus and light-switched to sultry Southern temptress. And she didn't blame her. This boy-man was a rugby god of perfection. And he was crouching over her with his hand on her back.

Her inner Southern flirt girl stuck her chest out, tossed her blonde hair back and gave him a breathy smile. You can kick a rugby ball at me any day, every day. Yes, Addie knew that was pathetic and innane. But she blamed it on her reduced oxygen intake. She was wildly thankful her inner Southern girl stayed hidden deep on the inside.

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