Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Falling Between (Introduction to the Vaettir Serial)' by Sara C. Roethle


Madeline would never risk another life by falling in love again, not with what happened last least not until she found some answers. Unfortunately answers sometimes come in rather strange packages, and the knowledge of the Vaettir comes with a steep price. Now she must make a choice between the life she thought she wanted, and a life among others like her. The only catch is that the others like her, including the flirtatious yet dangerous Alaric, expect her to do their dirty work.

Read an excerpt:
A crackling sound caught my attention. I jumped, ready to fend off my attacker, then realized the sound had come from the simple stone fire-place in the far wall. My first thought was that perhaps fire could be used as a weapon, but I had nothing to wield it with. That was just like my attackers to not leave me a torch.
 “You're not supposed to be awake yet,” a voice said from behind me.
 I nearly stumbled as I tried to turn around too quickly. A man stood framed in the doorway. He wore black slacks and no shirt or shoes. It was an odd look that made it seem as if he simply hadn't finished dressing yet . . . or perhaps he just hadn't finished un-dressing.

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Born and raised in AZ, now residing in New Mexico. Sara’s first novel, “Xoe”, was published in 2009. Since then two more books in the series have been released: “Accidental Ashes” and “Broken Beasts”. The Vaettir Romance Serial is her latest work, with new episodes released monthly.

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