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Available for pre-order! 'Betrayal's Dust' by Vina St. Fran - An exclusive sneak peek!

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The anticipated second book in Vina St. Fran's Amorous Trilogy ...

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Betrayal, sex and secrets: will the sisters find the happiness they deserve?

Cyndarella, Tavie, Denise and Vette have been best friends since junior high, there for each other through the ups, downs, triumphs and tears in their relationships. There’s one thing they all agree on: their men like to call the shots. Cyn makes her husband, Bashar, feel he’s the one in charge of their marriage, while Tavie and Vette are getting tired of waiting on their guys to propose. Denise has been left struggling to get pregnant and at odds with her husband, Sean. For all, it’s a waiting game—though with lots of great sex!

But a girl can’t live by loving alone; she has to find ways of letting her man think he’s setting the pace, but get what she needs. For Cyn, that means banishing the dark secrets of her husband’s past before he and she can be truly happy; for Tavie, finding a faithful lover, and dealing with Geneva, the ex of her exes who just won’t go away; can Denise have that longed-for baby and save her marriage; and how will Vette handle the lust she holds for Pete, Cyn’s brother, and settle for Louis, her handsome older man?

Find out in Vina St. Fran’s powerful, passionate and unputdownable novel—the sequel to One Foot outside the Door--that charts the next phase in her unforgettable characters’ lives!

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“Hell, no,” Bashar whispered to himself at the sight of seeing his wife sleeping soundly in their bed. But not for long if he’d had his way. Bashar had been hot and bothered all day after watching Cyndarella this morning dressing for work in a simple pencil black skirt, white V-neck blouse and several layers of the white pearls that he’d gifted her.

She’d quickly slid on her pantyhose and finished the look with red high heel shoes which screamed to him, Fuck me! Afterwards, she’d kissed him goodbye and seductively walked away, leaving him with a hard-on and thinking about her all day. He swore she’d pay for that one and had warned her via text, and she’d shot back at him, “Talk is cheap!”

Bashar began unbuttoning her silk pajama top, exposing honey-colored bare breasts that stared back at him. Cyn’s body was a banquet that he never got tired of feasting on, and sexually neither of them had a limit when it came to their appetites.

From a cultural view, Chaldean men’s wives were supposed to be submissive and do exactly what their husbands requested, in bed and out of it. Bashar had a bit of old-school tradition left, but he did not mind switching roles with his wife and letting her being the dominant one at times—he loved her fire! But from day one, she’d never had a problem being submissive. When it came to anything to do with sex, the Bazzis were quite fluent in the seductive language of love.

Cyn began to stir. Opening her eyes, she smiled at seeing the state of dress she was in, but then hesitated for a moment as her thoughts raced to the wellbeing of their sons.

“I checked in on Nadia, and she’s okay, but how are my babies?” she asked.

“They’re fine and resting,” Bashar assured her while removing the last barrier of clothing between them, leaving her completely naked.

He began to kiss his wife, while one of his hands caressed her pussy until he felt her wetness trickle down his fingers. Cyn moaned and said, “Oh God, Bashar, that feels so damn good! Please don’t stop!”

“I don’t plan to,” Bashar whispered into her ear, then pulled back to quickly discard his pajama pants. Cyndarella grinned up at him with a devilish smile on her face. The fullness of his erection and the sight of his wife alone could cause him to climax, but what he needed now was much more than mental. He knew for sure, judging by the lustful look in her eyes, both of them needed to be fulfilled.

“Damn, I’ve been waiting for this since this morning. You are driving me crazy!” And she was. He had no problems letting her know it as his hands explored her body.

“Me too!” She said looking him directly in his eyes, which turned him on even more, while his fingers delved deeper into her juicy center, causing her to pant with raw desire.

Bashar began a trail of soft kisses from the top of her neck down to her hotbox, where the husky scent of his woman’s pussy beckoned him. He loved her smell, and it intoxicated him even more as he licked her with precision by means of his tongue, mouth and fingers until her body trembled and she climaxed.

“Round one,” Bashar said to Cyn, who managed to rebound quickly from their initial bout. Her hair had been pulled back in a ponytail, but she took off the elastic band and allowed it to fall to her shoulders because she knew how that turned Bashar on.

“Like what you see, babe? I think you’re checking me out.”

“Damn right. You’re beautiful,” he growled.

Cyndarella reached for his manhood and stroked it with her hands, telling him how big and hard he was.

“You see all of this? I want every single inch of your hardness inside me,” she said. “Are you with me?” Before he could respond, Cyn pushed Bashar back down onto the bed and reached for his member, then proceeded to consume his thick, long rod. He got off watching her as he pulled her hair back. The animalistic sounds she produced as she blew him made him want to unload, but he would hold out longer than that.

“Oh shit, I’m close,” he exclaimed. He loved how skilled she was with her mouth. Cyn was so completely into orally pleasing him. Neither of them could keep their hands off each other. But he knew if she continued at the pace she was going, he would explode.

“Good,” she smiled as she reached up to kiss him on the mouth. He could tell she wanted to be the dominant one tonight, but he wasn’t going to allow it.

“Lie back on the bed for me, spread your legs and show me your pussy,” he ordered. She complied and parted her legs, revealing a neat little patch on her freshly waxed pussy. Bashar took his cock and began teasing the entrance which was dripping with her wetness, leaving her breathless for more.

“Bazzi, now,” she begged.

“Tell me what you want, babe.”

“Now, I need you now. Fill me up.”

Bashar eased into his wife as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Even after all the years that had gone by, her pussy’s grip was like no other woman he’d ever been with. He eased his way in with slow, rhythmic thrusts, while he buried his face in her breasts and sucked on her nipples, giving each one ample attention. Cyn’s vaginal walls constricted against his dick, quickening his movements.

“Please don’t stop,” she screamed out. He gently bit her nipples as she wrapped her muscular legs around his neck. The waves of sexual gratification heightened and rippled throughout their bodies.

“You ready to come with me?”

“Yes, Bashar, yes,” Cyn moaned. “Now, please, right now!”

“No! You got to hang in there longer with me okay, Cyn? You got yours earlier, now it’s my turn,” he commanded.

“Fuck!” she cursed as she inclined her hips backwards a bit further to accommodate the continued hard pounding of the thickness of his meat.

Cyn couldn’t keep track of how many multiples she had. Each orgasm left her weak but yearning for more. Bashar’s final strokes were like the Fourth of July fireworks grand finale when he pumped a load of man juice deep within her engorged pussy, causing them both to see stars before collapsing into each other’s arms and drift off to sleep.

Available for pre-order!

See the award-winning first novel here!


Vina St. Fran is the author of the Amorous Trilogy series. She writes contemporary romance, and erotica romance for Zam Publishing, LLC. She also is a Political Contributor for The Examiner. A native Michigander, she resides in the Midwest with her family.

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