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'Life & Literature (Based on a true Ukranian-American Love Story)' by Gala T. Grey & C.S. Alice



LIFE & LITERATURE is written as literary romance. Authors Gala T. Grey & C. S. Alice interact with fine literature and write in an epistolary format, with their letters tracing the protagonist's (Olga's) path to self-discovery. The story is based on a true Ukrainian-American love story; it's cross-cultural and progresses as Olga becomes the woman life intended. She overcomes her insecurities to enjoy a complete and fulfilling male-female relationship, characterised by her willingness to share, feel vulnerable, and trust David to protect her. Lovemaking in the broadest definition of "expressing love" becomes selfless, with Olga's expression of her passions as most important. In some ways this story in the continuing “Life in Literature” series is a manifesto for women and how they should be loved.

Read the introduction:
“Last night was wonderful and I struggled to comprehend what happened as we made love for hours, fell asleep in each other's arms, and awoke to make love again. You were beautiful in your black tights and dress with open sleeves, as well as wonderful and passionate as we made love. We loved each other slowly to enjoy each kiss and caress; I encouraged you to enjoy even more freedom in our love making; and you openly told me what you wanted; you guided me and we would have loved each other through the night and awoken side-by-side in the morning, under different circumstances. This will happen very soon, if you are willing.” 
“We were comical at times as we grappled with the limitations of the backseat, but we laughed about our awkwardness and discovered new ways to enjoy each other; and we shared intimate conversations as we made love. I cannot contain my admiration for you; you are incredibly beautiful and I cannot resist you. You are my soul mate, the gentle woman who quiets my soul and allows me to give and receive love. You wanted me to express my love for you and I did; "I love only you and cannot imagine ever feeling this way again. I would love you forever and you would feel loved every day; you would never doubt my devotion; I would enable you to be the delicate and vulnerable woman life intended; I would protect you from the harshness of life, as I already do; and I would help you become Lily Bollinger great, as you enjoyed exceptional experiences and invested in yourself. Your passions have become mine and you would never relinquish your place as the focus of my life. Nothing and no one could be more important." We shared words of love last night and this excited me as much as the physical intimacy; you spoke of your acceptance of us; and something impossible happened within me.” 
C. S. Alice

Now read about The First Kiss:
Dearest Olga, 
It feels like I can remember every second of our time together with vivid detail and there was a moment in the car that just knocked me out. 
You were nervous and began to overthink rather than feel. I cupped your face in my hands, came close, looked into your eyes, and said, "We're not going to do that." You looked beautiful with your hair already mussed, framing your face, your chin tucked in, and your eyes carrying the expression of an innocent and uncertain girl. It was as if you were twenty years younger and first exploring your sexuality. You captured my heart in that moment. I held you tight to my chest, repeated the phrase, "You're alright; just relax," and could feel your skin quickly warm and turn moist. You raised your mouth to mine and we shared many, many unrestrained and exploring kisses in the kind of embrace that can only happen when intense passion takes over and two people disappear into one. The air rushes from my chest and I still feel weak just recalling that moment. You say I'm the poet; I'm just relating an experience we created together and it was beautiful. 
You were absolutely bouncy when we took a brief walk. You stood at the harbour’s edge and announced in a celebratory tone, “I want a picnic with champagne.” We'll soon make this happen. 
With love,



About author C.S. Alice:

CS Alice enjoyed a productive career publishing in science for more than twenty years, with forays into the application of neuroscience in life; and in 2013 ventured into writing literary fiction in collaboration with Gala T. Grey. LIFE AND LITERATURE marks the inaugural publication for Grey and Alice in the promising series, "a Life in Literature," written in an epistolary format (exchange of love letters) between Olga and David: an elegant Ukrainian woman and thoughtful American. The immediacy of desires and insecurities expressed in near-daily letters, as well as the desire to author a life worthy of fine literature, notably distinguish the stories of Grey and Alice. Readers will feel the realism and aesthetic beauty of a cross-cultural, male-female friendship told through the eyes and hearts of this modern-day Barrett and Browning.

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