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#BookReview 'The Trouble With Snowmen' by Dorlana Vann

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The Trouble with Snowmen by Dorlana VannSnowmen drift into your life like they were sent from above. The relationship is great, rolls right along, and builds. Everything seems perfect … until a little heat is introduced. Then they melt, leaving only their hat, their scarf, something to remind their victims of what they’d lost.

Urban cowgirl Haley Monroe is told that the fabulously hot guy who just dumped her was a snowman. Her friend Maximilian convinces her that the only way she’ll ever stop being played by snowmen is to become one. It takes a lot of drinks to work up the nerve, but Haley gets her sexy on and goes on the prowl.

Famous horror author Larry White drops everything to attend a midnight séance at Maximilian’s apartment where he meets Haley. By the way she’s dressed—and just propositioned him—he assumes she’s a hooker. Larry can’t pass up the chance to get inside her head, especially since prostitution is the character’s occupation in his next book.

After spending the weekend together, unexpected sparks surprise both Haley and Larry. The trouble is Haley is dead-set on snowmanning the unkempt “starving artist” she met at the séance, and Larry doesn’t think he could have a real relationship with a woman with a past, so they go their separate ways.

The real fun begins when they meet again and find out neither one of them were who they thought they were. Can they reignite the flame? Or will they have a snowman’s chance in hell?

**My thoughts**

I have never heard the term "snowman" before, referring to men, but I have definitely known my fair share! I think a lot of us have, which makes us relate to Haley right out of the gate. She has been left once again, and is just starting to figure out the pattern, thanks to her friends. So, she attempts to go to the opposite extreme for a little while. Like any good rom-com heroine, she falls flat on her face and makes a fool out of herself, while also somehow coming off as endearing. There is a fine line between situations being contrived for comedic effect and simply being absolutely ridiculous. Dorlana manages to stay within the boundaries, making you chuckle while also truly believing that it could happen.

Larry may be a famous horror writer, but he doesn't come off as a rich man. He is definitely passionate about his writing and research, observes everyone around him, and is constantly creating in his mind. He is smart and just very real. Lately, many romances are focused on the billionaire coming in to swoop the woman off of her feet. Larry has money, thanks to his fame and success, but you feel like he could be the hot guy down the street who is very attainable. I found myself crushing on him a bit, because I felt like I could actually know him.

The chemistry between the two is evident early on and helps to navigate their roller coaster ride. You know that people and life in general are going to conspire to give these two some big twists and turns to test their relationship, but you want to take the ride with them to see it all play out.

Then you have the supporting cast. Maximillian is the obligatory gay best friend, full of fun and crazy antics, yet lots of love for Haley. He is a very wise man and one you would definitely want in your corner. Brenda is the conniving "other woman" who is necessary for some conflict. A few other characters are peppered in, but well-placed. Their intertwined relationships are crucial to the plot. You have all of the ingredients of a successful romantic comedy formula that yields a delectable treat to savor with a cup of coffee or wine. I actually read the whole thing in one sitting, pages flying faster than usual, and practically hissed at anyone who interrupted me. I think Maximillian and Brenda have their own stories waiting to come out in a couple of spin-offs. I also think I need to find some more of Dorlana Vann's books!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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About the author:

The inspirations for Dorlana’s books and short stories are fairy tales, the supernatural, and classic romantic comedies. She has several books (teen and adult) available. She lives in Texas, near Houston, which is also the setting for her upcoming romance series Trouble with Men. The series will have fun, new dating terms and concepts, outrageous shenanigans, and a touch of magical realism. She enjoys shopping, TX Hold’em, movies, shoes, the beach, restaurants, and festivals.

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