Tuesday, October 27, 2015

'Toccata Obbligato: Serenading Kyra' by Jennifer Theriot


Rock star Todd O'Malley is pierced, tatted up and misunderstood. Kyra Edwards is sweet and innocent; she captures his heart.

This is a story of Beauty and the Beast, where we admire the beauty that is Kyra and adore the beast known as Todd….

Read an excerpt:
We meet up for coffee the day after next. I swear to God, Olivia was right. This girl is the one for me. When she walks into our coffee shop—I call it ‘our coffee shop’ because that’s where we met—she has her hands behind her back and walks up to me, grinning from ear to ear. 
“What’s up with the smile?” I ask. 
She proudly places a black t-shirt on the table. “Here, I got this for you. It’s corny, I know.” 
I unfold the shirt and read it. I smile and take her hand. The shirt says, ‘Plays Well With Others’. “Wow. This is awesome, Kyra. I love it!”

She makes a silly face, “Well, I know you play in a band, and I thought it was cool. Corny but cool. So you really do like it?” 
I give her a hug, and when she hugs me back, I’m relieved. “It’s awesome, Kyra. I really do love it.” 
She pulls back. “Seriously? I was afraid you’d laugh at me.” 
I put her hair behind her ear and look her in the eye. “I’d never laugh at you, Kyra. I really love it. I’m gonna wear it every day.”


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About the author:

Jennifer Theriot hails from the Great State of Texas. She is a career woman, working as CFO of a Texas based real estate investment firm by day and does her writing at nights and on weekends. In her limited spare time, Jennifer enjoys being outdoors; preferably somewhere on a beach curled up with a good book. Spending time with family and friends, listening to music, watching a baseball game and enjoying a good bottle of wine are usually on her to-do lists. She’s mom to three grown children and ‘MiMi’ to three (soon to be four) grandkids – all of whom she adores!

Her best-selling Out of the Box Series, OUT OF THE BOX AWAKENING, OUT OF THE BOX REGIFTED and TOCCATA OBBLIGATO~SERENADING KYRA are currently available on Amazon.com . The final in the Out of the Box series, OUT OF THE BOX EVERLASTING will be released in 2015.


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