Friday, October 23, 2015

'Petunia and the Pearl Diver' by Suzi Love


The pearl diver needs a working girl to rouse his manhood. Petunia needs money to save her family. A night at a London brothel will fix each problem. But walking away is impossible when one night leaves them craving more…and more.

Read an excerpt:
“Take off the rest of your clothes and lie on the bed,” Petunia growled at the man.

Hands behind his head and long legs stretched out before him, the captain stayed where he was, lounging in a plush red velvet armchair. From floor to ceiling, everything in this expensive brothel room was glaringly red which, according to Madame, enhanced the experience for her patrons -- customers who had dabbled in every sort of erotic titillation and were therefore finicky and easily bored.

Petunia cracked the long black whip the way she’d been taught. She’d practiced for an hour today, until her muscles had ached and her strained shoulder hard to hide from her family. To her relief, the whip’s tail gave a loud snap and crackle and the surprised customer jumped before shifting and straightening in his chair. Relieved sighs came from the two black clad men standing behind her, and she knew her tutors in whip wielding were as happy as she was that she’d managed to gain the captain’s attention. They stomped their booted feet and shuffled closer to her, giving the appearance of two menacing guards.

She pointed the whip at the man a second time. “Move.” She gave him her sternest look. “Onto the bed.” The whiptail ran smoothly back and forth through her fingers, hopefully reinforcing the idea that she was an experienced mistress of punishments. “Now.” 
His eyebrows shot upwards and he finally focused on her face, or as much as her sleek leather mask allowed him to see of her features. Good. Without his full attention, she had no hope of carrying out this farce. The captain unwound his lean length the way she imagined he’d unwind coiled rope on his pearl trawler. Slowly, carefully, and as sensually as a dancer, he straightened to his full height, putting him a good foot taller than her. Her heart thudded in her chest and her pulse raced.

She shivered. Dancing with him was one of the things that must never happen, because the close contact might trigger his memory that her brother had introduced them. If they met at a formal social occasion, she prayed he’d never associate that well-bred lady with a girl he’d paid for in a brothel, because she’d heard that war had changed him and she didn’t know if it was for the better, or worse.

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About the author:

I'm Suzi Love, an Australian author of historical romances set mainly in the late Regency and early Victorian eras, and ranging from sexy to erotic. With a bit of Australia thrown in.

I now live in a sunny part of Australia after spending many years in developing countries in the South Pacific. My greatest loves are traveling, anywhere and everywhere, meeting crazy characters, and visiting the Australian outback. I adore history, especially the many-layered society of the late Regency to early Victorian eras.

My titled heroes and heroines live a privileged life in and around London, but my stories also dig deeper into the grittier and seamier levels of British life. I love heroes and heroines who challenge traditional manners, morals, and occupations, either through necessity or desire.

I hope my romances bring history alive for you and that you have fun alongside my roguish heroes and feisty heroines.

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