Friday, October 2, 2015

'Stolen From My Mate (Jager Alpha Book 1)' by Darlya Gray


Never Steal From An Alpha 

Jessica worked hard to get this point in her career. So far as to put off things most people would be doing. She meets a man that makes her wild and she soon finds out this man isn’t just a man but also a werewolf. His initial behaviors is odd but over time she fall for him. However her new position in his life proves dangerous for her. Her wolf decides to choose her safety over practicality, but it will cost them both in the end.

Read an excerpt:
Suddenly, I was not alone. As he pushed me back into one of the private bathrooms Mr. Tall and Dark closed the door behind him. I was wrong, not tall, but huge. His hands roughly gripped my upper arms and forced me against the wall. I squeaked when my back touched the tile and looked up at him. His face was unreadable as his fingers lightly grazed my cheekbone. "This is the ladies room," was all I could think to say to him. He smiled a little as his thumb lingered over my lower lip.

Close up the man smelled amazing, like leather and spice. He was so close I could feel the heat rising off his chest. That was bad, so bad. Suddenly it hit me, I was about to be raped in the women's restroom.

I put both hands on his chest and shoved, hard. He didn't even budge. I opened my mouth to scream and it was covered with his just as quickly.

Author bio

Darlya Gray is a CPA by day and an erotic writer by night. One day after reading another erotic book that didn't end the way she wanted it to she decided to try her hand at writing erotica. When she isn't writing she enjoying cooking, collecting sticker, planning and spending time with her family. Thank you for reading.

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