Thursday, March 10, 2016

'Make Me' by Vivian Wilde


Veronica can always feel a pair of eyes on her every time she attends Jamie's pool parties. None of her friends suspect its Jamie's dad.

From the upstairs window behind the safety of lacy drapes, Mr. Waters feasts his eyes on Veronica's skimpy bikinis. But all safe cards are thrown out the window when she ventures inside to use the restroom. Before she can shut the door, Mr. Waters pins her against the vanity, his growing bulge pressed against something that had never had any intruders.

That is, until today.

About the author:

Vivian Wilde is the writer of erotica and erotic romance. When she's not writing, she plays with her local band and her inner foodie marks off another restaurant from her wish list. Be on the lookout for new shorts and novellas published every month.

Find more of her books on Amazon.

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