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Read an excerpt from Wolfen Time by Roxy Boroughs #Giveaway

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WolfenTime_200x300ISBN: ebook: 978-0-9921271-4-5
paperback: 978-0-9921271-1-4
Release date: January 30, 2016
Publisher: Baucis & Philemon
# of pages: 315

All that separates a century or two.

Werewolf Rafe Garrett is second-in-command of a twenty-third century special ops team, sent back to present day Seattle to stop a group of renegade vampires from destroying the U.S. and causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. He has a personal vendetta, too. The renegades' leader is the same bloodsucker who murdered Rafe’s pregnant wife.

Few humans can stake a vampire on their first try, but Stacy Cadell is that kind of gal—a ball of fire in a cool, petite package. Caught in the battle between vampires and werewolves, Stacy hides her true identity from both sides, fearing it could be used against her. But protecting her heart from the werewolf warrior with the killer good looks, is a fight she’s sure to lose.

Especially when she learns that, for history to correct itself, she must sacrifice the one person she holds most dear.

Contains: Hunky, alpha werewolves running around naked, sensual love scenes and mature language. If you read sweet romance, try CRAZY FOR COWBOY, or one of the novels from the series ‘A Frost Family Christmas.’

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Read an excerpt:
Rafe bent down and took her mouth—firm and fiery—his lips urging hers apart. As he deepened the kiss, she skimmed her hand down the length of his torso—smooth skin over rock hard muscle—her fingers tingling, itching to touch every inch of him. 
She felt his smile against her lips and the rest of the world ceased to exist. 
Rafe lifted her T-shirt and Stacy raised her arms in response, her body quaking with need. As he drew the top over her head, there was a moment of darkness, and she thought about her childhood prison. But then the light reappeared, and with it Rafe’s kisses. He flicked the shirt over her shoulder, tossing it who-the-hell-cares-where. 
Her jeans were the next casualty. He unbuttoned and unzipped her, then slid the denim down her legs till the fabric pooled at her feet and breathing became a lost art. With her brain screaming for oxygen, and wobbly with lust, she leaned against him and stepped out of her pants. As soon as she was clear, Rafe picked her up by the waist and sat her on the vanity, his mouth on hers with every step. 
He dipped his head, his lips traveling from her throat to her collarbone, each stroke making her gasp. He moved lower until he found her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples through her lacy bra. 
Warm, wet, wonderful. 
Stacy arched her back, trying to get as much of her skin against his mouth as she could, the sensations playing slingshot around her nervous system. 
He reached behind and undid her bra with one flick, then stood back to look at her. “You are so beautiful. You take my breath away.” 
Tears welled in her eyes. “No one’s ever said that to me before.” 
“Then the men you’ve been with are idiots.”

About the author:

My first love was the theater. And my greatest professional thrill was acting on the same stage as Sarah Bernhardt—though not in the same century. I’ve had small parts in a few movies and TV shows, including the hit programs HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS and DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH.

Writing is rather similar to acting, I believe. Except I get to play ALL the characters…while wearing my PJs and sipping tea. What could be better?

I’m married to my first love—a wonderful guy. So I don’t just write romance, I live it!

Visit me at Also, check out one of the scenes from that DEGRASSI episode I mentioned. And please forgive my 1980s perm.

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