Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Protecting Her (A Teaching Her Novel)' by Georgette Gray

Protecting Her: A Teaching Her Novel

He's more dangerous than she thought.

Violet thought a week or two of embarrassment would be the worst outcome of being dared to hit on Mr. Brennan.

Instead, she got threatening notes and attacked in her back garden.

Mr. Brennan is neck-deep in his problems, and Violet finds herself right in the middle of them. He tries to protect her, but being pushed together ignites a burning tension that only lands them in even hotter water.

As the stakes sky-rocket, Violet and Mr. Brennan are forced to make tough choices one after the other. Can they make it through, or will the pressure tear them apart?


Read an excerpt:
I took a step towards him and pleaded with my eyes. “Stop viewing me as your student for just a moment. I’m just someone trying to help out who has the means to do so.”

He stared at me, his breathing uneven, and grabbed hold of my upper arms. I swallowed, and he lowered his lips to mine.

My eyes slipped shut instinctively and we didn’t waste our time with a peck – our mouths opened and our tongues battled. He released my arms to snake his around me, his open palm pressing into the small of my back and pushing our bodies together.

My heart stuttered and the heat built to an unbearable level. I wanted more. I wanted all of him. My hands gripped his hair so much it must have hurt and I rolled my hips against him.

He started backing me towards the bed before freezing. His hands returned to my arms, but this time he pushed me away. My eyes snapped open again, but he was looking away.

“I don’t think that viewing you as something other than my student is going to work.” His voice was choked, husky with desire and I wanted desperately to reach out and bring his lips back down to mine.

About Georgette Gray

Georgette Gray is a romance writer who particularly loves student/teacher romances.

Studying a law degree is time-consuming, but she spends every spare minute in front of her laptop living out the worlds of students consumed by forbidden romances with their teachers.

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_GeorgetteGray

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